Dear YOU.

Thank you to those who made it out for John Water’s one man show “This Filthy World, Volume 2” at Basilica Hudson this past Saturday. We came together for a PIONEERING, RISK TAKING, ONE OF A KIND, artist. His work and commitment embodies everything we strive to celebrate and explore in our arts programming at Basilica. No better way to wind down our 2014 season of programming, and to support Basilica Hudson and the AIDS Council of Northeastern New York.


Without co-presenter Shawn Nightingale this would not have been possible and special thanks to Andrew and Michael at Finch for introducing him to Basilica Hudson, as the best venue in Hudson to host Waters!


John Waters, your mad man wit, continues to blow minds, and your generosity has made an big impact on our big olde factory dreams, in our small historic city.


Thanks to all for your support and please mark your calendars:
BASILICA FARM & FLEA Thanksgiving Weekend!


Melissa Auf der Maur
Creative Director


Thanks to the following individuals or organizations for supporting this event:John Waters, Shawn Nightingale, AIDS Council of Northeastern New York, Columbia County Council on the Arts, Lisa Metcalf, Nicole LoBue + Alimentary Kitchen, Noah Fischel, Cecil Castellucci, Penelope Queen, Amanda Palmer, Lisa + Michael Lindsay-Hogg, Hawkins New York, Kite’s Nest, The Hudson Mercantile, Spectrum 8, Good Fight Herb Company, Finch Hudson, Pondside Nursery, Stephanie Lloyd, Cottage Treasures, Bill Stone + Nancy Barber, Joe Mama-Nitzberg, Marc Swanson, Jim Krewson, Elise McMahon, Swoon Kitchenbar, All Over Albany, WAMC + The Team at Basilica Hudson, including Rebeccah Johnson, Johnny Misheff, Akemi Hiatt, Maxwell Papardella, Roman Horst, Hannah Taylor + Rachel Drozdowicz.



Thank You to the following instrumental players in making this inaugural fundraising event as utterly PERFECT as it turned out to be:

Our Guest of Honor John Waters, Shawn Nightingale, our gracious co-producer and the team at Basilica: Rebeccah Johnson, Johnny Misheff, Akemi Hiatt, Maxwell Paparella, Roman Horst and interns Hannah Taylor and Rachel Drozdowicz: you are all consummate professionals.



We’re in the lucky position to be thanking these extraordinary and GENEROUS people we rely on, whom we also count as friends, collaborators and supporters. 

The truly singular Nicole LoBue of Alimentary Kitchen, longtime cohorts Swoon Kitchenbar, the good tree people at Pondside Nursery, The AIDS Council of Northeastern New York, our fiscal sponsor CCCA, Arts Management Consultant Lisa Metcalf, our founding board members Noah Fischel and Cecil Castellucci, friend / consultant Amanda Palmer, Kite’s Nest and 2nd Ward Foundation for their contribution to Hudson and All Over Albany for their commitment to spreading good words!



Our local makers and doers and merchants:

Hawkins New York, Elise McMahon of Like Minded Objects, artists Jim Krewson, Joe Mama Nitzberg and Marc Swanson, FINCH life curated, The Hudson Mercantile, Cottage Treasures, Caiti Hawkins, Farmhand Flowers, and Good Fight Herb Co. You fill our lives and space with beautiful offerings, THANK YOU!

photo (1)

photo (2)Photos by Joe Mama-Nitzberg