Announcing our 2017 Season!

Our 7th season is upon us at our old factory down by the river.  The zoomed-out world is a strange place.  Be that as it may, the zoomed-in mighty microcosm of Hudson — and Basilica standing within it — teems with artists and activists, farmers and chefs, makers and doers. It’s time to roll up our sleeves and get back to work.

7 seasons, 7 seas, 7 continents on this planet, 7 musical notes in the diatonic scale, and 7 annual Basilica programs coming back around again… couldn’t be more perfect, really.  To add, this year we’re doubling down with a few special programs and new partnerships.  Check it out below!


What a year for community! Double the Farm & Flea with the springtime unveiling of a new event, a delicious pairing of Hudson Valley-made edibles on the rise, a marathon reading of Cage-ian proportions, a plethora of new partnerships, free film screenings for old and young, the return of wunderkind jugglers throwing fire around our industrial church like WHAT… and… the birth of Baby Basilica! Continued good work from our beloved neighbors-in-the-nest and a talented, potion-making chef, the return of a local-led business expo, and a recent end-cap which brought together a growing community of Hudson Valley activists who reminded us that thinking globally and acting locally is still the way to go. And wait until you hear about all the carbon a community supporter has offset while being on-site.. in our monument to industries past. Hooray for our tiny-but-mighty city nestled between the ancient Taconic foothills and the grand Hudson River!


Part 3 of 4. For a short review of our whole season, please click here.

Six years in, we were excited to host our first official visual artist-in-residence, who contributed in many ways — curation, one-of-a-kind event merch, tattoos (!) — to our 2016 season. Additionally, a Magical Trailblazing Woman of Dance graced our halls in a pre-season call to arms (and legs). Our Back Gallery hosted more exhibitions in succession than in ever before, giving rise to an official Back Gallery Series. Our annual events saw an increased visual presence overall, in all nooks and crannies in and around Basilica — sometimes spilling out into the streets beyond! A veritable Who’s-Who of area literati participated in a marathon reading. We hosted a powerful triad of female artists twice over (first in performance, then in visual arts). And a beloved, Brooklyn-born performance series came back up river to hang with us again. Read about it all below…


Part 2 of 4. For a short review of our whole season, please click here.

Our industrial cathedral was awash in sounds of all stripes this year as we presented pioneering people and delighted DRONE devotees. Sound art and music co-mingled to points beyond recognition in an exhibition of sonic academic inquiry and a holiday procession of old-school cassette boomboxes. Basilica SoundScape turned a partnership corner and a milestone age, and a new neighbor / old friend filled our halls with classic sounds-turned-new with the help of her dad. Our Co-Founder and Director reminisced onstage with a former classmate to a standing-room-only audience, and our annual (FREAK) FLAG DAY expanded into an all-day-all-night celebration of music, dancing and community. Read more below…


Part 1 of 4. For a short review of our whole season, please click here.

2016 was a landmark year for film + media at Basilica.  From 24-HOUR DRONE once again warming up projectors and 1980s CRT TV monitors at the start of the season, to the wide variety of feature films in our annual Summer Screenings series (including a five-hour documentary about the US-led Iraq invasion of 2002 and visits from celebrated filmmakers), to a brand-new fall documentary series featuring timely takes on global issues alongside a story that hits close to home, to two new and FREE community screening series that brought Bollywood and classic kids’ flicks to local audiences, to Kiln Films, our steadfast-and-strange collection of under-the-radar films and videos installed inside Basilica’s former forge and foundry brick kiln, paid homage to cultural monoliths of the human and nonhuman variety. All that and more below…

2016: Our Year in Review

Ah 2016, what a year it was…

We introduced three brand-new Film + Media screening series alongside the return of our summer flicks; Music reverberated louder and longer than ever in our industrial church; Art of all disciplines from all walks of life was on view and ready for interaction; and we redoubled our dedication towards our Food + Community,  supporting environmental and economical sustainability. Stay tuned in early 2017 for a full recap of all that went down in our industrial church this past year. In the meantime, here are some highlights…

Save the dates for 2017

Save the dates for our 2017 annual programs

24-HOUR DRONE: EXPERIMENTS IN SOUND AND MUSIC — Saturday, April 29 – Sunday, April 30
Basilica Farm & Flea Spring Market — Saturday, May 6 – Sunday, May 7
(FREAK) FLAG DAY — Saturday, June 10
Summer Screening Series — June / July / August
Basilica SoundScape — September 15, 16 + 17
Basilica Non-Fiction Screening Series — September / October / November
Basilica Farm & Flea Holiday Market — November 24, 25 + 26

Photo by Eric Harvey Brown

STANDING ROCK doc screening this Saturday

Saturday, December 10, 2016 | 7pm

Open to the public | Suggested donation

Basilica welcomes Oscar-nominated director Fidel Moreno to our North Hall for a special rough-cut screening of his work-in-progress documentary, STANDING WITH STANDING ROCK, this Saturday, December 10 at 7pm. Admission is pay-what-you-wish, and no one will be turned away for lack of funds. Proceeds will go towards wintertime supplies for the Standing Rock encampment, with any leftover funds supporting this documentary project directly.

Culled from 18 hours of interviews with 33 people at Standing Rock — including youth, mothers, grandmothers, grandfathers, First Nation people and non-Indian supporters — STANDING WITH STANDING ROCK is an ongoing documentary project, still being shot on location, chronicling the story of the protesters at Standing Rock and their connection to the history of the American Indian Movement on their treaty-given lands of the American west.

A Q&A with the director will immediately follow the screening.  All are welcome. Please RSVP on our facebook event page here.