July – October

Thanks, in part, to the support of Basilica Hudson’s first NEA Art Works Visual Arts Grant, the Hudson As Muse Artist in Residence Series supports the creation of site-specific work centered on Hudson’s unique geographic location and community. The series invites artists to explore the location itself as muse and to create work with the eclectic present and past of this river city as central inspiration, working in partnership with neighboring cultural institutions and organizations.

Following each residency, Basilica Hudson will host a free public culminating event, including exhibitions, artists talks, participatory activities and digital presentations wherever possible to allow for an immersion in art during social distancing. 

Alongside the Artist in Residence Series, Basilica Hudson integrates visual arts across all annual programming, including 24-HOUR DRONE and Basilica SoundScape. Art at Basilica has taken shape in a DIY fashion, working with friends, community members and international artists to build far-reaching and truly collaborative installations.

We are honored to have worked with talented and imaginative individuals including Jack Walls, Harmony Korine, Marianne Vitale, Emma Kohlmann, Naama Tsabar, Jesse Draxler, Trouble, Dark Star, CATCH, HQTBD, LikeMindedObjects, Matthew Barney, Jonah Bokaer, Olga Dekalo, Sam Falls, Zach Feuer, James Fuentes, Laetitia Hussain, Anthony McCall, Becca Mann, Aily Nash, Kris Perry, Mike Renaud, Sterling Ruby, James Michael Shaeffer, Jr., Nina Winthrop, Mary Mattingly, Erika Erika deVries, Davon, Zia Anger, Sonia Corina Ruscoe, Joe Mama–Nitzberg, Annie Bielski, Daniel McCabe, Jim Krewson, Haley Josephs and more.

Supporters & Partners

Basilica’s Back Gallery Artist In Residence Series has also been supported by Martha Boschen Porter Fund, a Fund of Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation