Il Cuore Canta presents “The Enchanted Pomegranate”
Sat. June 20, 7:30 PM and Sun. June 21, 2 PM
$15 student/senior and $20 general admission

nyfa_ilCuoreCanta_4TWO PERFORMANCES
SUNDAY, JUNE 21 | 2:00 PM

Il Cuore Canta presents a storytelling concert from Monteverdi to Handel. A love story unfolds in the garden of the Muses.

Enchanted pomegranates weave their magic, intoxicating the senses, igniting love, soothing rancour, healing injury, and reuniting sundered hearts.

Four gifted singers, and a musical ensemble that includes period instruments, bring the music of Monteverdi, Sances, Purcell, Handel and others to life with grace, virtuosity, and warmth in a performance that will charm and delight audiences of all ages and musical backgrounds.

Artistic Directors: Deborah Carmichael & Kinga Cserjési

Valentina Fleer, Soprano
Alexis Rodda, Soprano
Angela Dinkelman, Soprano
Jordan Pitts, Tenor

Douglas Martin, Piano
Jason Priset, Theorbo
Myron Lutzke, Baroque Cello

Il Cuore Canta is a sponsored project of Artspire, a program of the New York Foundation for the Arts. Any contributions of cash, securities, or materials made to the Foundation on behalf of Il Cuore Canta are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

Il Cuore Canta (The Heart Sings) is an annual workshop and concert series arising out of the *Libero Canto Szamosi  approach to teaching singing.  The project, now in its fourth year, is intended for young classical singers who wish for greater freedom of expression, ease of vocal production, and depth of musical experience.  A guiding principle of the Szamosi approach is that breathing and giving voice are inborn, primary functions that are governed far below the level of conscious control.  The physical and emotional spontaneity of these physiological functions is the necessary foundation for optimal singing.  Through releasing excess tension and deepening musical imagination, singing becomes freer, easier, and more genuinely expressive.

*Libero Canto Szamosi® is the registered trademark of Edvin Szamosi