200 years w/ special guests Led Er Est

8 PM | $8

200 Years is none other than those straw dogs of skull counting (and flowers!), Ben “Six Organs of Admittance” Chasny and Elisa “Magik Markers” Ambrogio. Yep, that’s what they called them back in grade school — and that’s where the storm clouds started massing.  It would be years and many cold dishes of revenge before this unique version of socialization would blossom into the music that both are rumored for today. They still don’t lie, but the debut 200 Years (Drag City) LP sounds like they’re figuring out a way to build around the smoking holes, instead of the rough old craniometry.  They have memories like steel traps rusting deep underground; these mooks manage to light candles and curse the darkness all at once. Guitars, vocals, heavy air, faint strains.

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“For their second album, NYC synth/darkwave trio Led Er Est pulls together the distant elements from previous releases into a tight core of dramatic, beyond-Gothic expression. The expanse of their native Texan landscape, which came through on their debut Dust on Common is here replaced by icy, claustrophobic synth programming that reaches towards both classic club industrial and something far more isolated. It’s safe to say that they’ve consolidated their powers, and the recent 12″ by member Shaun O’Sullivan (as Vapauteen, out on L.I.E.S.) seems to have emboldened his role in Led Er Est, as the hard tracks are harder than before, and the slow/spare ones speak with their own dazed logic, sounding not unlike the legendary Crispin Glover album from the late ’80s. Something for everyone whose wardrobe is mainly black, and a real keeper in an era of dry, slavish imitations. [DM]”

Review of “The Diver”, May 2012, Other Music Update

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