Thank you to all who performed and came out to support the future of BASILICA GREEN at our BASILICA GREEN Benefit Concert, presented with Pathway to Paris.  It was an uplifting night of connection, inspiration and adventurous talent. 

Thanks to your generosity, we raised funds to sustain and expand our BASILICA GREEN initiative. Advocating for a healthy planet, BASILICA GREEN offers four paths to meaningful action: 

  • FREE art and public programming that raises awareness and creates public engagement with the environmental issues we face
  • The Net Zero Campus Renovation Project, which has begun and is transforming Basilica’s reclaimed industrial building and surrounding campus into a leading carbon-neutral destination, and we hope instructive model, where “our building becomes the teacher,” and allows us to program year-round
  • Community-focused learning and engagement opportunities around the net zero campus and more
  • Localized green initiatives and strategic partnerships to foster equity, environmental stewardship and sustainable community development in the City of Hudson and the region

BASILICA GREEN has powerful potential. Through our active green-themed film screenings always followed by conversation, our climate solutions forums and more, we are bringing people together to learn, connect, explore solutions and take action.

As our net zero transformation allows us to program year-round, we want to go deeper and do more, including developing hands on green programs. We see learning, engaging and doing on our campus, our building as teacher and beacon of what future infrastructure can look like. All of this – free public programs and more – requires resources and we sincerely thank you for your generous partnership and support. Let’s continue to join forces to expand what we can bring to our community, region and planet. Imagine what we can do together with our space!

Photos by Jessica Chappe

Jon Bowermaster, Leila Conners & Matthew F. Schmid, Bill Covell & Sonia Skindrud, Cathryn Dwyre & Chris Perry, Ben Fain, Benedikta Karaisl von Karais & Matthew Stinchcomb, Sotirios Kotoulas & Karline Moeller, Christopher Lindstrom, Stacy Morrison & Ryan Myers, Jennifer Venditti

Melissa Auf der Maur, CAConrad, Devesh and Veena Chandra, Rebecca Foon, Jim Krewson, Rudy Shepherd, Jesse Paris Smith, TROUBLE, Patrick Watson

Benedikta Karaisl von Karais & Matthew Stinchcomb
Christopher Lindstrom
Ben Fain