Austin Ballard pleats, drapes and piles lampshades into cascading totemic forms. Raised in a devout Catholic household, Ballard fuses the visual language of his religious upbringing with an early fascination with 80’s science-fiction and noir to create installations that are eerily sublime. Ballard sees furniture, and in particular the household lamp, as a surrogate for the human body. A light left on in an empty room reminds us that someone was just there. Ballard works with light and shadow to generate an ethereal presence, which evokes the functional aspect of domestic furnishings while creating an intimate dynamic between object and viewer. At Basilica SoundScape, Austin Ballard will showcase a selection of his large-scale sculptural pieces, suspended from the rafters in Basilica Hudson’s Main Hall. With thanks to River Valley Arts Collective.

Sam Ryser is an artist and musician living and working in his lifelong home of New York City. For over a decade he has played in and designed art for punk bands, making his unmistakable visual aesthetic omnipresent in the DIY underground. This has culminated, since 2014, in the opening of his Bushwick art and oddities shop DRIPPER WORLD, both a launching point for his innumerable projects and a junction and destination for international underground efforts in art, music, and DIY publishing. Presented by Sacred Bones.


Previous Basilica SoundScape visual artists

Laleh Khorramian / Marianne Vitale / Sterling Ruby / Matthew Barney / Jungil Hong / Alexander Heir / Emma Kohlmann / Jesse Draxler / Taeyoon Choi / Cal Lane / Lisa Laratta / Heather Benjamin / Dan Colen / Michael St. John / Tyler Moore / Javier Magri / Carol McCranie / David Aron / Jonathan Bepler


Laleh Khorramian / Jungil Hong / Alexander Heir

Laleh Khorramian‘s installation filled the Basilica Main Hall, including the background of the performance stage. In one of her largest immersive works to date, the installation showcased Laleh’s over-size anaglyphic kimono series, each hand-painted, lit, and moveable. Throughout the evening, Khorramian’s army of suspended forms rotated via a mechanical motor, filling the open air of the hall with ghost-like forms acting in a moveable play of space and time. Also featured on the back wall of the space were Khorramian’s sculptural light boxes, each layered and mono-printed to create the effect of futuristic stained glass.




Emma Kohlmann / Marianne Vitale / Jesse Draxler / protest sign-making workshops with Taeyoon Choi

Acclaimed sculptor Marianne Vitale transformed Basilica Hudson’s Main Hall rafters with a fleet of large-scale aluminium sculptures inspired by the classic paper airplane form and installed a ready-made stage backdrop crafted from vintage parachutes. 



Cal Lane presented by September Gallery / Lisa Laratta / Heather Benjamin

Working with the raw architecture of the factory’s steel beams and industrial artifacts, Cal Lane installed her rusted and cut i-beams, oil barrels, and steel drums. Cal’s sculptures were installed both inside and and outside Basilica, and the oculus window in the North Hall was aglow with a looping video of Cal’s welding, shot from the inside of one of her oil barrel sculptures as she welded it into shape.




Dan Colen / The Now Forever curated by Michael St. John with Tyler Moore, Javier Magri + Carol McCranie / David Aron

The Now Forever curated by Michael St. John with Tyler Moore, Carol McCranie and Javier Magri group exhibition brought together thirteen inventive artists whose work looks towards the new and progresses into the future.




Sterling Ruby

One of the art world’s most controversial and successful artists, Sterling Ruby‘s stage was the ultimate backdrop to a weekend of music featuring the likes of Swans, Deafheaven, and White Lung. Possessed of a profound material sensibility, Sterling Ruby’s art speaks in a language inspired by sub-cultural phenomena ranging from graffiti, urban gangs, and prison systems, to craft and the history of quilt-making.




Soundpiece by Jonathan Bepler, Matthew Barney + Brandon Stosuy