Temple of Sound – April 2022

Basilica Hudson kicked off its 2022 season with Temple of Sound, a sonic awakening and homage to the building itself and its beloved 24-HOUR DRONE festival. As part of the nonprofit’s larger Earth Day Opening Weekend season kick-off, the program invited attendees to immerse themselves in the meditative power of sound through Basilica Hudson’s cavernous raw industrial space. Featuring: Deep Listening® workshop with Sarah Van Buren, sound installations by Arone Dyer & Kamau Amu Patton, and performances by Samer Ghadry, Madeline Darby, Kamau Amu Patton & Hellish Cashstrap.

Basilica SoundBath – October 2021

Presented in collaboration with The Creative Independent, Basilica SoundBath offered an immersive, intimate evening with sound artists Circuit des Yeux (solo), Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe, and Samer Ghadry, plus an interlude by Elvis Perkins and friends. Embracing the organization’s commitment to experiential exchanges over the past ten years, Basilica SoundBath drew curatorial inspiration from Basilica Hudson’s two anchor music festivals, 24-HOUR DRONE and Basilica SoundScape, featuring alumni from both events. These artists push the boundaries of endurance listening, experimentation and genre, each taking the audience on a journey through sound that is both meditative and visceral. 

Basilica SoundScape: A Weekend of Music + Art – September 2014

Presented in Collaboration with The Creative Independent, and launched in 2011, Basilica SoundScape is Basilica Hudson’s most established and longest standing music program. Carefully curated weekend featuring a wide range of music, visual art and literature which highlights specific connections and overlaps instead of the usual festival-style overload, the weekend draws parallels between artists and voices not widely heard in relation with one another.

“At this scale, nobody feels crowded, there’s not so much to take in that your circuits burn, and, if you’re bored, the Hudson Valley under the moon is better than any venue lobby I’ve been in.” – Music Festival, Done Correctly – The New Yorker

Featuring: SWANS, Deafheaven, Michael Chapman, Arcade Fire bassist Richard Reed Parry, Emily Reo, and  Gamelan Dharma Swara ensemble. Visual artist Sterling Ruby created large-scale flags and banners to adorn Basilica’s main stage.


Basilica Hudson’s most beloved annual programs, 24-HOUR DRONE: EXPERIMENTS IN SOUND AND MUSIC, Co-presented with the Dutch music festival Le Guess Who? and in collaboration with Second Ward Foundation and Wave Farm / WGXC. 

An immersive event and all-encompassing experience, 24-HOUR DRONE is a roving, international series presented by Basilica Hudson and Le Guess Who?, featuring musicians and sound artists experimenting within the spectrum of drone to create 24 hours of unbroken, uninterrupted sound. An event that embodies Basilica Hudson at its most experimental and experiential, pushing the boundaries of what a communal, conceptual experience can be.

Featuring: SUUNS / Harmonic Frost, Patrick Higgins w ith Arone Dye, essica Moss, Prurient, Greg Fox, Ultraam and more.

Melodius Thunk – October 2021

A jazz performance as culminating event for Hudson artist Reginald Madison‘s participation in Basilica’s Hudson As Muse artist in residence program.  MELODIUS THUNK is a partnership between Reggie Madison and Tshidi Matale to present avant-garde jazz and other forms of artistic expression whether it’s dance, theater or otherwise. With works of art on display. Featuring: The Tani Tabaal Trio – Tani Tabaal on drums, Joe McPhee on sax and Mike Dibizio on bass.