A Weekend of Music + Art RETURNS

Presented off-site at PS21 Chatham, NY In Collaboration with The Creative Independent, Wave Farm’s WGXC 90.7 FM, H0L0 and others TBA

September 2021

This fall, we are proud to be able to present our beloved Basilica SoundScape for the first time since 2019, and collaboratively produced as an offsite event at the gorgeous outdoor venue PS21: Performances Spaces for the 21st Century, in Chatham, NY. As the first of Basilica Hudson’s anchor programs to return in-person since 2019, Basilica SoundScape represents the spirit of alliance between some of those hit hardest by the pandemic in the creative sector: arts organizations, the independent artists they elevate and the steadfast audiences who cherish in-person experiential art. 



Far from a typical music festival, Basilica SoundScape, co-presented with The Creative Independent, features live concert performances, conceptual sound performances, author readings, art installations, curated local vendors and artisans, on-site activities and more, creating an immersive, innovative weekend of art, music and culture. Basilica SoundScape features a lineup of some of the most innovative and genre-pushing musicians, visual artists and writers working today, with unique collaborations across disciplines. 

“The absence of long lines, corporate sponsorships, and flower crowns have made [Basilica SoundScape] a banner weekend for adventurous listeners, and the program, as usual, is stunning.”

The New Yorker

“Soundscape is certainly unlike most festivals, emphasizing strong live sound, broad genre representation, and a legitimately diverse lineup; there just aren’t many other settings where an unusual post-punk/electronic band like Boy Harsher can capture a sizable audience at a headlining time. By asking audiences to pay close attention to heady, drawn-out, sometimes abrasive performances, Soundscape challenges the notion that festivals exist more for partying or networking than serious artistic experiences.”

Brooklyn Vegan

“It was a wild, exhilarating place to read my work. I would’ve expected it to be hard to get a music audience to focus on words but it was all pure energy, the space great and flowing, the overlap of that act to mine and the next created this really unique attention to sound that I was so glad to be a part of.”

Eileen Myles

“SoundScape, for me, feels honest, useful, communal, and real. It’s more a show than a festival. It’s more a family gathering than a show…Basilica Soundscape is, without a doubt, also the most fulfilling curatorial project of my life.”

Brandon Stosuy, Basilica SoundScape Co-Curator and Co-Founder of The Creative Independent


Past Supporters & Partners

Varyer // Market New York // Red Bull // Consulate General of Iceland // Kickstarter // Poets & Writers // Savi // Sacred Bones Records // River Valley Arts Collective // Triptych // Pitchfork // The Collaborative // Bread Alone // Cottage Treasures // Sloop Brewing // Trapp Brewing // King’s Highway Fine Cider