12 PM – 1PM | Le Guess Who? presents Prana Crafter & Richard Bolhuis

“In this video it was my aim to express the sense of freedom that I experience in the desolate regions of Groningen, the Netherlands. The northern skyscapes depict a timeless, poetic flow of images of nature running its natural course.”

Video by Richard Bolhuis
Edited by Bouke Mekel

About Le Guess Who?

Le Guess Who? is a city-wide celebration of global sounds and musical boundary-crossing. The 14th edition of the festival takes place 11-14 November 2021, in the city of Utrecht, The Netherlands. LGW? are 24-HOUR DRONE co-founders.

1 PM – 2 PM | Chloe Alexandra Thompson
Project title: “as we already know”

“as we already know” is a new work by Chloe Alexandra Thompson combining live processed field recordings, custom software, and distilled video feedback presenting droning patterns amidst a backdrop of transforming architecture. Through slow repetition of sonic and visual elements viewers are enveloped in a transfixing landscape of abstraction. 

About Chloe Alexandra Thompson

Chloe Alexandra Thompson is a Cree, Canadian interdisciplinary artist and sound designer. Her work engages tactics of material minimalism to create site-specific installations that sculpt droning, maximist experiences out of space and sound. Using audio programming software, computational processing, and acoustic instruments, Thompson’s works envelop audiences into a state of equilibrium and fill rooms with discrete frequencies that engage physical and auditory sensation.

2 PM – 3 PM | Canada Resonance Agency
Canada Resonance Agency (CRA) is a rotating collective of Canadian musicians and sound artists assembled by the people at The Drone at Home 2021 performance is a collaborative A/V composition by the following artists: Cares, Beard Closet, Indweller (Colin Fisher and Ilyse Krivel), David Jones, Steff Juniper / Quivering, Mandelbrut, Matt Nish-Lapidus / New Tendencies, Red Panel, Xuan Ye

3 PM – 4 PM | LaMont Hamilton
Project title: “Seismicity or Tree Who Move Like Phantoms in the Night”

Seismically or Tree Who Move Like Phantoms in the Night is an extension or interlocutor of my iterative piece To Hear the Earth Before the End of the World. This long form, droning, work is very much informed by my time in Alaska and encounters with empyreal sonic events such as the many earthquakes and chinooks wind (föhn winds). Trees move like phantoms in this theatre of wind; Earthquakes shrug Earth’s shoulders grumbling in ancient languages.

About LaMont Hamilton

LaMont Hamilton (b. 1982) is a multidisciplinary artist based in New York. Hamilton deals with the spiritual, ecological and subconscious through sound, installation, performance, poetry and lens based medium. Hamilton has been the recipient of several fellowships and awards including the Civitella Ranieri Fellowship, Jerome Hill Artist Fellowship, Smithsonian Artist Research Fellowship, Artadia Award, ArtMatters Grant and more. His residencies include Skowhegan (’17), Camargo Foundation, MacDowell Colony (MF ’15), MFAH Dora Maar and Bemis Center for Contemporary Art among others.

4 PM – 5 PM | Drone Not Drones
Project title: “DRONE NOT DRONES: the brief one-hour drone

Drone Not Drones was started in 2013 to protest Obama’s drone program and to raise money for Doctors Without Borders. Originally just a festival DND has expanded into a record label and concert promotion for drone and drone adjacent music. The crown jewel of Drone Not Drones is the 28-hour drone held every winter in Minneapolis. Part benefit concert, part art project, part community event, the 28-hour drone is an annual concert where more than fifty acts from across the musical spectrum who unite to rotate on and off the stage to create a single uninterrupted 28-hour drone to protest the extrajudicial and immoral drone program and raise money for the victims of the United States military-industrial complex.

Featuring Luke Heiken, IOSIS, Neon Menhirs, John Marks, Crystal Myslajek, Meredith Gill, Lynn Avery & Cole Pulice

5 PM – 6 PM | Brian Dewan & Ross Goldstein
Project title: “B Natural”

B Natural is an hour long thread of sound with a slowly metamorphosing harmonic spectrum throughout. This electronic drone is occasionally diverted into mordents. An organic landscape of unisons, chords and voids coalesce around the thread throughout its natural lifespan. The instrumentation features Mellotron, melody gin and electric guitar.

About Brian Dewan & Ross Goldstein

Brian Dewan & Ross Goldstein
Brian Dewan is a visual artist and musician. He plays with The Raymond Scott Orchestrette, The Conservationists, The Foul Balls and the Monday Morning Mellotron ensemble. He lives in Catskill, NY.

Ross Goldstein was born in New York, NY. August 28, 1970 ( 7:18 p.m. ) 

6 PM – 7 PM | Inter(air)
Project Title: “Clarity/Chaos”

“Clarity/Chaos” is a silent film, scored by an eclectic group of musicians & audio artists with the task of exploring pathways between chaos and clarity. Two sides of the same coin who tend to lead one into the other. Using a combination of narrative and collaborative visual/audio arrangements, Inter(air) seeks to explore the deeper confines inside our minds, and grasp clarity from the clutches of this chaotic twenty-first century. 

Featuring creations by – Sam Johnson, Nick Levine, Justin Pietro, Sarah Francis Rose, Matt Luczak, Mitch Van Dusen, Tom Christie, and more. 

About Inter(air)

Inter(air) is a pathway to understanding collective channels of thought through the unification of sound and landscape. As a revolving door group of artists in collaboration, Inter(air) brings together experimental visuals and viewpoints with experimental artists to create new language in an ever changing world.

7 PM – 8 PM | NRRF B(b) Radio
Project title: “The Spiral Breath

When a white dwarf star dies it emits a stream of carbon atoms, carried across the galaxy like ash by cosmic winds. These atoms eventually reach other stars and their planets, thereby feeding their own cycles of life and death. The universe breathes, and so do we. Meanwhile, here on earth the current pandemic has focused our attention on both the dire risks and life-giving necessity of breathing, especially in close proximity to others. Spirals form in the human lung when carbon nanoparticles disturb certain surfactant molecules found there. Could those spirals be the imprint of the Milky Way inside our lungs? The carbon breathed out by stars draws an image when we inhale. Drawing breath is ever more precious. This drone meditates on these ideas across dynamics of scale: macro and micro cycles of starlight and breath, the vibrations of atoms, the bellows that power stellar forges which ‘exhale’ particles as breath and that we also breathe, and the indelible traces left in our bodies by these cosmic forces.

About NRRF B(b) Radio

NRRF B(b) Radio is an ongoing series of radio art programs created and performed by the current NRRF collective composed of sound and media artists Jonny Farrow, Anna Friz, Stephen Germana,Sarah Knudtson, Jeff Kolar and Peter Speer. Performing across the fields of improvisational and experimental sound, neighbourhood radio, and translocational radio art, the group assembled in Chicago in 2012 at the Experimental Sound Studio for a summer residency where they made long-form, improvised radio art based on B-movie and sci-fi themes, exploiting and deconstructing the genre for its tropes and stereotypes. The NRRF collective emphasize significant abstract improvisation and take as many tangents as possible. This results in an unpredictable mix of open fields of sounds, occasional narratives, spaceships that fail to launch, and even singing. Sometimes there is cake. 

8 PM – 9 PM | Maria Chávez
Project title: “ASLEEP/AWAKE/EKAWA/PEELSA, 2021

Maria will perform with sound therapist, meditation teacher, Sara Auster’s sound bath. singing bowl album, NAMORA – Asleep/ Awake. Combining 4 turntables that are equipped with 8 needles, Maria will create an extended version of this album in real time, forming various tiers of tones that will unfold amongst each other for 1 hour.

About Maria Chávez

Born in Lima, Peru and based in NYC, Maria Chávez is best known as an abstract turntablist, sound artist and DJ. Coincidence, chance & failures are themes that unite her book objects, sound sculptures, installations & other works with her improvised solo turntable performance practice. Her latest album, “Maria Chavez PLAYS Stefan Goldmann’s Ghost hemiola” was nominated for a Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik in Jan. of 2020.

Currently, Maria is on the cover of the textbook on the History of Experimental & Electronic music by Routledge Publishing, is a David Tudor and Robert Rauschenberg Arts Fellow and a Research Fellow for Goldsmith’s Sound Practice Research Department (2015-17). Her large scale sound & multi-media installations along with other works have been shown at the Getty Museum, the JUDD Foundation, Documenta 14 in Kassel, Germanyand HeK (Haus der elektronischen Künste Basel) amongst many other institutions around the world.

She is an artist in residence with EMPAC (The Curtis R. Priem Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center) until 2022, a Toulmin Fellow with the Center for Ballet and the Arts at NYU and National Sawdust, and her latest sound installation, Staggered Shifts, 2021 is now on view at BRIC Arts for their “Latin Abstract” painting exhibition from Jan. – May 2021.

Maria will be a remote artist in residence with The Hague’s Rewire Festival in the Netherlands this Spring 2021. She will be releasing new recordings with collaborators Sandy Ewen & Devin Kenny later this year via OrbTapes, SN Variations & Ballastnvp. Her latest album with Jordi Wheeler via Cafe Oto’s Takeroku label is now available as is her cassette release with collaborator Lucas Gorham via Ratskin Records which was released in the fall of 2020.


– FADI TABBAL + JULIA SABRA – ROOTS, recorded in Beirut Lebanon at Tunefork Studios
– MATHIAS LANDÆUS – ST. JOHANNES, recorded in Malmö Sweden at St. Johannes Church
– YASMINE EL BARAMAWY + VINCENT BAHAR + NATHAN LARSON – ALAIRTIJAL 01, recorded in Malmö Sweden at St. Johannes Church


Lumen Project is a non-profit organization creating immersive experiences, employing sound / light / and space to inspire awe and stillness… the rarest of commodities in our fractured modern environment. 

Coordinating with international partners, we have presented events in Stockholm, Beirut, Lebanon, northern Iceland, and elsewhere, with the intention to push the format further and further afield. Founded by composer/ musician Nathan Larson, with partners Lina Enqvist and Maria Lyth.