Basilica Hudson’s artistic program has taken shape through collaborations with many partners, visiting artists, and friends, supported by adventurous audiences and community members. Drawing inspiration from its location — from explorers past, to the Hudson River School painters, through the industrial revolution, and now finding a new resurgence here in art, agriculture and community — in addition to its regular arts programs, Basilica Hudson has expanded its roster of programs with each season to include a range of community programs, reaching into the admirable history and resurgence of agriculture and farming in the Hudson Valley. Major annual events anchor the full roster of programs, including:

— 24-HOUR DRONE, an immersive 24-hour event and all-encompassing experience, featuring musicians and sound artists experimenting within the spectrum of drone, an event that embodies Basilica Hudson at its most experimental and experiential — pushing the boundaries of what a communal, conceptual experience can be. Co-presented with Le Guess Who? (April).  

— Basilica SoundScape, a weekend-long music and art event that’s been called “the anti-festival” for its range of offerings including live musical acts, sound performances, literary readings, visual art installations, film screenings, local artisanal vendors and more, creating an immersive, innovative weekend of art, music and culture.  Co-presented with The Creative Independent and Leg Up! Management (September).

— Basilica Farm & Flea marketplaces are inspired by the abundance of passionate and talented farmers, collectors and artisans in the Hudson Valley. Part timeless flea and farmer’s market and part 21st century craft and design fair, two marketplaces take place each year to showcase the wealth and splendor of the region’s artisanal talents (May and November).

Basilica Non-Fiction Screenings Series celebrates the furthest extremes in motion picture accomplishment through screenings and dialogues with visiting directors (June – October)

Back Gallery visual arts series,  which invites artists to explore the location itself as muse and to create work with the eclectic present and past of this river city as central inspiration. Back Gallery Opening events are the culmination of artists spending time in and experiencing the space, before opening it up to the public (May – October).

BASILICA GREEN, our mission to increase climate action through innovative cultural programming.

Basilica Pioneering People, a biennial program celebrating pioneering artists (October). Past honorees include visionary filmmaker and one-of-a-kind personality John Waters in 2014, extraordinary songwriter Rufus Wainwright in fall 2016, and musician, songwriter, actor, performer and incomparable cultural force Courtney Love in fall 2018.

(FREAK) FLAG DAY, a countercultural counterpart to the City of Hudson’s annual Flag Day festivities each June, features performances and dancing into the wee hours

 as well as other individual music, film and art programs, including regular performances with groundbreaking artists such as Amanda Palmer, Grimes, Godspeed! You Black Emperor, The National and more.