On November 19, we celebrated the groundbreaking for our Basilica Net Zero Campus Project. Over the next few years, our campus will transform into a carbon neutral facility with winterization to create year-round space for expanded cultural and community programs. That means heat and AC, all powered by a new 150kW solar array (in addition to our existing 50kW array) installed by our incredible partner SunCommon.

Alongside our project manager David Szlasa and Co-Founder and Director Melissa Auf der Maur, we were fortunate to have elected officials Mayor Kamal Johnson and Assemblymember Didi Barrett speak at the event. As they suggested, this project is at the intersection of the arts, community, historic preservation & sustainability, and we are so excited for all the doors an opportunity like this opens locally and regionally as a replicable model and through a green jobs workforce training program currently in development.

It was enlightening to hear directly from Patrick O’Shei of NYSERDA and Sarah Crowell of the Department of State about the impact that New York State is having on carbon neutral building projects across the state. With partners like SunCommon and Claverack Builders, Basilica will be one of the next models for retrofitting a beautiful building using only green construction and energy.

Mike Tucker, Mayor Kamal Johnson, David Szlasa, Melissa Auf der Maur, Assemblymember Didi Barrett, Patrick O’Shei, Susannah Bradley, Sarah Crowell

Today marks a big step forward, a day to take Basilica Hudson to the next level in honor of our future, our planet and in honor of the City of Hudson’s waterfront – a waterfront we have always dreamed would be reclaimed for the people. Together, we can preserve our past and protect our future, bringing people together through the power of shared experiences while embracing 21st century art, science and technology. We are excited to work with the City of Hudson and surrounding region to amplify these opportunities.” – Melissa Auf der Maur, Basilica Hudson Co-Founder and Director.

The Basilica Net Zero Campus Project is supported by NYSERDA’s Net Zero Energy for Economic Development Program, the Downtown Revitalization Initiative, and Empire State Development Grant. In addition, funds were provided to build out the artist’s studio in the Back Gallery by Hudson River Bank Trust.

Event photos by Tomm Roeschlein. Top photo by by Kiki Vassilikis for The Alt.


Net Zero Campus Project Outline (PDF)Download