The Orchestra Now Free Concert

Thursday, September 19 | 7PM

// FREE //

Bard College’s The Orchestra Now performs two masterworks in the unparalleled acoustics of Basilica Hudson, including Benjamin Britten‘s Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra. Please join us for this very special, up-close encounter with a full symphony orchestra.…

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Arctic Drone: Iceland

October 19 and 20, 2019

24 HR DRONE \\\/// 6 HR YOGA

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Our DRONE dreams continue their international journey this October, heading to Iceland for a seamless 24-hour sound and yoga event curated by Melissa Auf Der Maur, Nathan Larson and Bardi Johannsson.…

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Melissa Auf der Maur’s love letter to Moor Mother

I first saw Camae Ayewa perform as Moor Mother when Brandon Stosuy invited her to play our 2017 festival Basilica SoundScape. Watching her set, I was shocked and activated. I turned to my friend and tried to explain my mind’s attempt to make sense of what I was watching:

“Moor Mother is like Courtney Love merged with H.R.

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From quadrophonic, doppler effect surround sound, to endurance tape loops and devotional dawn incantations, our fifth annual 24-HOUR DRONE: EXPERIMENTS IN SOUND AND MUSIC was everything we could have hoped for. Uplifting, buoyant and transformative, it was a homage to sound, a homage to the humanity of sharing space, and a homage to openness, willingness, generosity and stamina.…

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2019 Season Announce

We are excited to announce the first key dates and details for our 2019 season, celebrating our ninth season of programming with a genre-spanning array of film, music, art, literature and live performance throughout 2019.…

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2018 in Music

Season 8: Year in Review

Part 3 of 4. For a short review of our whole season, please click here.

Our 2018 music program focused on presenting a genre-spanning, international array of artists pushing the boundaries of what is possible when collaboration and interaction are placed at the forefront.…

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2018 Year In Review

In the wake of our eighth season of programming, we embark on hibernation and gain perspective on where we went together this year. As always we welcomed talented new individuals to the Basilica family in the form of visiting artists, activists, collaborators, supporters and team members.…

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A letter from the director


As our 8th season of programming comes to an end, we thank you for joining us at our programs throughout the year.

As you may know, it’s been only two years since Basilica Hudson earned our official 501c3 nonprofit status, which has allowed us to dream of expanded programs and service to our region and our community.…

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