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How do I get to Basilica Hudson?

Basilica Hudson is incredibly accessible from all directions!

Minutes from I-87 Exit 21 in Catskill Mountain Region

4 hours south of Montreal

2 hours north of New York City

3 hours west of Boston

30 miles south of Albany International Airport

Car pooling is the most affordable way to get to Hudson. It’s a two-hour drive from NYC, and with a full car and one tank of gas, you are here cheap and fast!

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Amtrak is the most fun way to travel to Hudson. A beautiful two-hour trip from Penn Station, the train runs along the Hudson River and has a snack car. Basilica Hudson is conveniently located 400 feet south of the Hudson Amtrak station. Because trains sell out quickly and prices increase with demand, we recommend booking ASAP, as the tickets are 100% refundable.

Driving directions from the south (NYC):

Use your GPS, but we suggest taking the FDR to Sprain Brook Pkwy to the Taconic

Once on the Taconic State Pkwy N, drive 77.2 miles

Take the NY 82 exit and head north, continuing onto 23W

Drive 7.6 miles

Turn right onto 9N

At the three-­way intersection, turn left onto Warren Street

Drive 1 mile through the historic commercial center of Hudson

Turn left onto South Front Street so the Hudson River is on your right

Pass the Amtrak train station and cross the railroad tracks

Basilica Hudson is on your left

Driving directions from the west:

Take NY­23 EAST towards Cairo/Hudson

Take the RIP VAN WINKLE BRIDGE across the Hudson River

(Toll is $1.50, or $1.25 for EZ­Pass)

Turn left onto NY 9G North

Drive 2.7miles

NOTE: If you’re following Google, do not let it lead you astray in the industrial park! Follow the directions below instead —

Turn left onto Allen Street, drive until you hit the river again

Turn left onto S Front Street

Pass the Amtrak station

Basilica Hudson will be on your left

Walking from Hudson Amtrak Station

Turn right out of the train station, walk the length of about 2 – 3 blocks

Basilica will be across the road on your left