Basilica Hudson has taken this year as a moment to revisit how to better serve the planet and the people we share it with. In 2020, we launched BASILICA GREEN, our expanded mission to join cultural activism with ecological responsibility.

Through eye-opening films, thought-provoking art installations and engaging community panel discussions, we centered the need for intersectional strategies in addressing the climate and energy crisis.

Your financial contribution will help us steward the work of organizations and artists who center environmental action as part of their practice while activating our local community in the change needed for a more just future for all.

As we all try to imagine what 2021 will look like for ourselves and our neighbors, Basilica is anchored in our commitment to GREEN programming that will complement our Basilica Net Zero Campus project to transform our building and campus into an ecological destination and carbon neutral facility for year-round events. This brick and mortar project offers training, education and community engagement possibilities, and we gratefully acknowledge our partners, many friends and community leaders who are helping to develop our vision.

Basilica has been committed to sustainable energy since our founding in 2010, but it is clear we have gone from a climate warning to a climate emergency. Please consider making a tax deductible donation to help support us in pairing awareness initiatives with solutions to better our environment. We understand that this year has been challenging for everyone, and we appreciate your generosity if you are able to give at this time.