When is Basilica Farm & Flea? Two markets are presented each year, with Spring Market on Mother’s Day Weekend and Holiday Market on Thanksgiving Weekend.

Is Basilica handicap accessible? Yes. Basilica includes ADA-accessible entrances, exits, and bathrooms.  We have disabled parking adjacent to the main entrance of Farm & Flea (parallel to South Front Street) which patrons with disabled license plates may utilize.

Can I bring my dog? No, due to both Board of Health regulations regarding food and the sheer volume of this event, dogs (or pets of any kind) are not allowed. The only exception is service dogs.

Can I bring my kids? Yes, the whole family is welcome! Children under 12 are free.

There is an admission fee.  What does this go towards? By participating in Basilica Farm & Flea, vendors and attendees directly support Basilica Hudson’s mission to foster sustainable community. Proceeds from admissions and vendor fees support ongoing operations for the organization, and allows Basilica Hudson to continue to develop and present its programs.

Why is there sometimes a wait to get in? Basilica Farm & Flea is a popular and well-attended event. If there is a wait to get in, it is because event organizers want to ensure the most enjoyable, relaxing and safe experience for everyone — both attendees and vendors.  To help alleviate the wait, two entrances will be put in place for the Holiday Market, and we will be posting the best times to arrive via social media to help mitigate crowds.

General note: Basilica Hudson is a safe space. Aggressive behavior, violating others’ personal space, unwanted contact, etc. Will not be tolerated. Security and event staff will be available throughout the duration of the event.



What type of vendors participate in Basilica Farm & Flea? Each Basilica Farm & Flea features a mix of farmers, artisans, local chefs, vintage collectors and other talents, selling wares alongside locally-sourced, farm-fresh foods. Applicants must be independent artisans and designers, or collectors of high quality vintage wares. Our focus is on those who are local to the Hudson Valley, but applications from makers from across the broader area are also welcome.

A NOTE TO ALL CHEFS & FOOD VENDORS: We are currently accepting applications for packaged food vendors ONLY. If you are a prepared food vendor or food truck that is interested in serving food for consumption on site, please note that we are NOT accepting applications for this purpose as we have limited capacity. However, Basilica Hudson is always interested to learn about local food trucks and purveyors for our other events. If you’d like to get in touch to introduce yourself, you may contact the Basilica Team.

What is a Maker? A Vintage Collector? A Collective Shop? A Maker creates something handmade. Whether you’re an artist or designer making objects, a farmer with value added goods, or an artisan of specialty items, we seek makers who uphold high standards of craftsmanship and use the best quality ingredients and materials. Maker categories include Paper, Ceramics, Leather, Wood, Home & Garden, Kids & Toys, Jewelry, Fiber/Textiles, Apparel, Art & books, Bath & Body, Wellness, Farm product & Value added (yes, farmers are makers too!), Specialty Packaged Food. This year we also have a new category for Collective Shop. See below for more information on that.

We seek Vintage Collectors assembling shops with a keen eye for high quality, gently used, vintage clothing, furniture, antiques, accessories, records, etc.  A collector may not make their own things but we love those with a deep appreciation for the beautifully made things of the past!

A Collective Shop is a place where multiple designers and makers are represented within an unified shop idea – this could be a curatorial project or a collaboration between emerging artists, designers and craftspeople in their region or locality. Not everyone is ready to bring their singular brand or product line to our marketplace, but we encourage collaboration within the collective shop context to keep Basilica Farm & Flea an accessible platform for everyone.

How do I apply to become a vendor? Thank you for your interest! Applications for Basilica Farm & Flea Spring Market 2020 will be open January 20 through February 17, and you may apply here. Once your application is submitted it will be reviewed by the Basilica Farm & Flea community jury.  You will be notified regarding your application status the week of March 16. Please note that we receive many more applications than we can accommodate; in the past we’ve only been able to accept less than 50% of vendors who apply.  We thank you for your understanding and appreciate everyone’s interest in this event.  No late applications will be accepted.

Two sizes of booths:
6×6: $185 for the Spring Market // $325 for the Holiday Market
6×10: $235 for the Spring Market // $450 for the Holiday Market
Please note that there are a limited number of 6×10 booths. Applicants should list their size preferences on their application.

What is the criteria for the jury?
Unique and original. We look for expertly-crafted, handmade goods that are unique and original, as well as special vintage collections of high quality objects. For food, we look for vendors who strive to serve beautifully presented or packaged food, using well-sourced ingredients.

Diversity of products at the market. We accept a limited amount of vendors from each category. Applicants are not limited to listed categories if application submitted demonstrates a strong connection to the theme of the event. Please contact us if you do not feel you fit in a category and we will help direct you.

A cohesive product line. We are looking for consistency within a line of products, with a focus on vendors who specialize in a specific product or genre but offer a variety within the category.

Price of items. We are looking for pricing consistent with both the quality of the work and accessible to the Basilica Farm & Flea audience. Average price for products falls between $1-$250.

For any specific questions regarding jurying criteria, please email prior to submitting an application.

What Fees are involved in applying and participating at Basilica Farm & Flea? There is a non-refundable $18 application fee to process your application. The application fee is applied towards the booth fee if you are accepted to the market.

All applications are reviewed by a jury made up of Basilica Hudson and Hudson community members. The application fee covers costs associated with administrative expenses to process applications. Applications will not be reviewed if the application fee has not been paid. If selected, the application fee will be deducted from your final booth fee.

Booth fees for the Holiday Market are $325 for a 6’x6’ space and $450 for a 6’x10’ space. Booth fees for the Spring Market are $185 for a 6’x6′ and $235 for a 6’x10′ space. The non-refundable application fee is applied toward the booth fee if accepted.

Can I share a booth or have someone else’s work at my booth? We welcome both shared booths and what we call “Community Curator” booths (see above for an explanation). However, if you will be selling or representing work that is not yours, or if you will be sharing a booth with a fellow maker, collector or farmer, we need to know in your application and have specific rules for both.

Shared Booth – A shared booth is when 2 makers, collectors or farmers get together. Work made by 2 separate brands [makers / collectors / farmers] will be at the table. Please note all members of a shared booth must submit an application by the application deadline. Each submission will be juried individually. All vendors must be reviewed and accepted prior to the application deadline. Just remember to indicate on your application that you will be sharing a booth and the name of the business you would like to share with. The application with shared booth requests will not be reviewed until both applicants have submitted their application. If you are sharing a booth, there is a $25 fee in addition to the booth fee. We require an additional fee because each business will be posted on our vendor directory individually.

What if I can’t be there the whole time or need to leave early? We require that all booths be open and ready for sales for the entirety of the event. No exceptions. Vendors can not be give away their booth to someone else if they are unable to be there. Vendors unable to attend for the whole of the event or have someone cover them will forfeit their space and any fees paid.

Packing up begins at the conclusion of the event, no earlier. This is a courtesy to attendees as well as other vendors. Once people begin breaking down it brings down the mood of the space. Don’t do it!

What is covered in my booth fee? The booth fees cover the cost of vending for the entire event. We require participants to be in attendance all market days, rain, snow or shine. The booth fee provides you with a 6′x10′ or 6’x6’ space. All participants are responsible for supplying their display set up. Vendors are hosted indoors at Basilica. The spaces are marked and assigned prior to the event.

The event will be broadly promoted by Basilica Hudson, and we will provide information which vendors can send to their own networks. We can also send a small pack of flyers and postcards for those vendors that request them. We think it’s important to get the word out through different kinds of media — print, social, and digital. More promotion = more attendance and happier vendors!

Will tables and chairs be available? There will be rentable tables and chairs. All displays must fit within the given space. Vendors will be responsible for bringing their own material to create their display. Displays should be tidy and ask that any extra inventory kept in the space that is hidden from view. Basilica organizers ask for vendors’ cooperation to adjust or remove any obtrusive display elements at our discretion.

How do the Farm & Flea markets fit into the whole Basilica missionBasilica Hudson is a non-profit multidisciplinary arts center in Hudson, NY, supporting the creation, production and presentation of independent arts and culture while fostering sustainable community. Read the full Basilica Hudson mission here.