March 29

FEATURING: Khary Septh, James Powell, Jonah Bokaer, David McIntyre, Ellen D’Arcy Simpson


Sam and Melissa speak with leadership from three emerging arts organizations in the City of Hudson — The Tenth Magazine, The Hudson Eye, and The Hudson Art Fair. Hudson as Place of Assembly… Find out about that!

Basilica Hudson is partnering with H0L0 and Experimental Sound Studio Chicago on their ‘Place of Assembly Podcast’ this spring. Place of Assembly is a podcast that looks at the role of physical space in cultural production and in the lives of artists and creative communities of practice. Together we will produce a 4 part series on venues, spaces and the arts in the Hudson Valley.

The Tenth is a media platform that fuses the ethos of community building with cutting edge journalism to drive contemporary conversations around sexuality, capitalism, art and culture, politics, theology, and philosophy as they intersect LGBTQ communities of color around the globe.

Khary Septh is Founder and Executive Editor of The Tenth Magazine, a bi-annual publication that engages the world’s most dynamic LGBTQ artists and intellectuals of color in presenting content steeped the American tradition of politically engaged journalism that pays attention to long form, ambitious writing and critical queer thought. Having published over 7 Volumes, hundreds of online pieces, as well as programmed countless readings, panels, and large-scale live events across the country with brands like HBO, Google and The Smithsonian Museum of American Art.

James Powell is the Managing Editor for The Tenth Magazine—a bi-annual publication that documents the history, ideas and aesthetics of the African LGBTQ diaspora. Most recently, James has led efforts to launch Tenth Academy—a unique program for talented and gifted high school students formed in partnership with Bard College and The James Weldon Johnson Foundation, offering a rigorous exploration of academic and professional pursuits for today’s youth with workshops ranging from Artificial Intelligence & High Tech Thinking to Environmental Stewardship.

Firmly anchored in Hudson, NY since 2006, Jonah Bokaer of The Hudson Eye has authored 64 original dance works, produced in 34 nations, 27 of the United States, and 292 cities—including 41 museum exhibitions worldwide: most of which have been built in Hudson, NY. Bokaer is Tunisian-American and currently exhibits and tours with eight international dancers – many of whom have also planted roots in Hudson over the years.

David McIntyre is a Scottish photographer, filmmaker, and artist residing in Upstate New York, where he launched The Hudson Art Fair, a socially-conscious online platform for local artists. His early career encompassed photojournalism, portraiture, and fashion photography. His work has appeared in many of the world’s most illustrious magazines, including Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, the Observer, and The Guardian. His portfolio of portraits includes an eclectic group of musicians including; Björk, U2, and Biggie Smalls.

Ellen D’Arcy Simpson owns and manages D’Arcy Simpson Artworks in Hudson NY. Ellen founded the gallery in 2018, as a second career, to showcase local artists, artisans and designers in a fresh, accessible and inspirational space on Warren Street. Ellen is also an advocate for promoting public art and strives to bring activist art outside the gallery space to encourage discussion among all sides of our most pressing social issues. Her recent projects include the “Jewel the Wound” group show in Hudson and partnering with Hudson Art Fair to establish the Hudson Valley Art and Activism initiative. She is also committed to integrating the local community into the Hudson art community by working with underrepresented and emerging Hudson artists and local High School art students.


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Place of Assembly is produced by H0L0.NYC in partnership with Experimental Sound Studio Chicago and 8 Ball Radio!


The Art Emergence in Upstate NY created in partnership with Basilica Hudson