Jupiter Nights: lovers x Navaja El Filo Tropical

May 5

8 PM

at the Basilica Gallery Building 
108 South Front Street, Hudson, NY 12534 (right next to the main building on our campus / junto al edificio principal de nuestro campus)
Food by Casa Latina Pupusas Y Mas


JUPITER NIGHTS – Basilica Hudson’s new weekly series of arts events in our Gallery Building – kicks off on Thursday, May 5 with lovers x Navaja El Filo Tropical (MX/NYC), an evening of Salsa, Cumbia, Ranchera, Reggaeton, Guaracha and Danzón music.

  • DJ sets from Adrian Is Hungry, Laura Se Fue and Sonido Talacha of the Barrio Collective
  • Co-hosted by lovers – Hudson’s own DJ Uncle Rudy and Davon 
  • With poetry readings by O Zotique
  • Food by Casa Latina Pupusas Y Mas

Visual art:
Murals made by local youth during a spray paint workshop led by Super Stories as part of the Basilica Winter Skate Park will be on display, as well as a few pieces by Ramiro Davaro-Comas and Grace Lang, who run Super Stories.

JUPITER NIGHTS – La nueva serie semanal de eventos artísticos de Basilica Hudson en nuestro edificio de la galería comienza el jueves 5 de mayo con lovers x Navaja El Filo Tropical (MX/NYC), una noche de salsa, cumbia, ranchera, reggaeton, guaracha y danzón.

  • Sets de DJ de Adrian Is Hungry, Laura Se Fue y Sonido Talacha del Barrio Collective
  • Co-organizado por lovers – DJ Uncle Rudy and Davon de Hudson
  • Con un recital de poesía por O Zotique

Arte visual:
Se exhibirán murales hechos por jóvenes locales así como una selección de pinturas de Ramiro Davaro-Comas y Grace Lang, directores de Super Stories. Los murales fueron hechos durante un taller de pintura en aerosol dirigido por Super Stories para el Basilica Winter Skate Park.

About Barrio Collective

“Barrio Collective has been organizing different types of community events in Brooklyn since 2019. We’ve focused on opening up the space for Latinx creative entrepreneurs and performers who want to connect with a community where they feel they belong. We welcome new talent to our stage and motivate the local scene to keep growing and connecting. La Feria was the first event we organized in Summer of 2019 and our biggest to date has been Barrio Fest 2021, where we hosted over 15 performances, 10 vendors, tattoo artists and other art activities.

We are a group of artists trying to create spaces for people like us. We come from different backgrounds but we all ended up in the Barrio, that place that reminds us of home, where we can find like minded people hanging around a jukebox sharing a drink and a story or two. 

We want to be a platform for new artists who haven’t found their space in a community yet. We want to be a launchpad for people’s passion. We want to let them know they can do it. We believe in the talent of our friends and we want them to believe in themselves. We want to create spaces for all of our friends, spaces where they can feel safe and protected by your community. 

We are Barrio Collective,

Del Barrio, Pal’ Barrio”

About Visual Artists Ramiro Davaro-Comas & Grace Lang

Ramiro Davaro-Comas is an Argentine/American artist with a background in public art and artist residency management. His passions for painting, storytelling, and community work have pushed him to travel throughout his career, collaborating with artists around the world. He is also the creator and served as a director of Dripped on the Road, a traveling artist residency program from 2016 to 2022. He is currently co-directing Super Stories, consulting on public art projects, painting murals, and creating work for gallery exhibitions. When he isn’t making art, Ramiro spends his time building things and skateboarding.

Grace Lang is an American multimedia artist and educator. A deep understanding of the link between creative expression and identity development informs her work facilitating art-making workshops for children, often with a focus on exploring personal narratives. She is currently on the education team at Art Omi Sculpture Park in Ghent, NY and is a co-director of Super Stories. Grace also loves reading, cooking, and snowboarding.