May 18

& MAY 19


“VIP” early access begins at 11am Saturday

Standard entry begins at 11:30am Saturday

You may line up outside before doors open (and there will be separate lines for VIP & standard tickets)

-seating/lounging space is first come, first served. You will have to share the space – please do so considerately and remain helpful and friendly to your fellow DRONErs

-re-entry is allowed – you do not HAVE to stay for all 24 hours – but please be prepared to show your wristband

-there will be standard tickets available at the door but please note that *discount codes will not be applicable at the box office*

-$20 tickets available in person starting 6am Sunday

Please note that any discount codes will *not* be applicable at the door – they are only valid for advance tickets

Performing artist schedule:

Campus map:

A quick note about parking – – the big Basilica parking lot should be plenty of room for this weekend’s festivities, so make sure you park in the correct lot! If you park in the Antiques Warehouse lot, you run the risk of getting towed. If our big lot fills up, there are other options nearby – check the diagrams!

“Sound as Experience. Sound as Installation. Sound without the tight hands of Time. To honor sound in a space that enhances it and places it in a long-form time schedule that allows it to expand. Explore. Experiment. Exchange.”

Melissa Auf der Maur, 24-HOUR DRONE Co-Founder / Co-Founder and Director, Basilica Hudson

“Attendees will leave with a new sense of consciousness, free to be different people and lead new lives.”

Bob van Heur, 24-HOUR DRONE Co-Founder / Le Guess Who? Festival Founder

Basilica Hudson and Le Guess Who? present in collaboration with Sarah Van Buren the return of 24-HOUR DRONE: EXPERIMENTS IN SOUND AND MUSIC.

24 hours of unbroken DRONE for ’24!

An immersive event and all-encompassing experience, 24-HOUR DRONE is a roving, international series featuring musicians and sound artists experimenting within the spectrum of drone to create 24 hours of unbroken, uninterrupted sound. An event that embodies Basilica Hudson at its most experimental and experiential, pushing the boundaries of what a communal, conceptual experience can be. 24-HOUR DRONE’s immersive and meditative nature emphasizes communion. This is a shared experience devoted to unifying players and listeners alike.

Longtime 24-HOUR DRONE co-curators Le Guess Who? will present a special set by Dragonchild. The solo project of Ethiopian saxophonist DA Mekonnen (of Debo Band fame), whose eponymous 2023 debut was celebrated as a pioneering and genre-hopping effort by outlets including FADER, The Guardian, Bandcamp, and more. “As Dragonchild, Mekonnen showcases a production style and instrumental mastery that sits perfectly between the experimental and the accessible.” – The Guardian 

DRONE ’24 will also feature curated programming blocks by other imaginative partners:

  • Visionary record label and Brooklyn-based music institution RVNG Intl. presenting sets by poet and healer Rena Anakwe’s A Space for Sound and Black Decelerant, a duo fearlessly improvising ambient meditations on Black being and non-being
  • Eclectic, international, and cutting edge booking agency Heavy Trip, presenting sets by both Alex Zhang Hungtai and Nadah El-Shazly
  • Drippingthe genre-breaking club promoters who run an incredible annual festival in Sparta, NJ, presenting unearthly gong vibrations from Sphente, Butoh movement from azumi O E, interstellar sax from Earthen Sea, and balearic departures from Space Tak (whose Lot Radio sets are a total, trumpet-filled delight)

With additional performers including: 

  • the ethereal torch song atmospheres of Ana Roxanne
  • interactive dynamic listening explorations by Cal Fish
  • Hudson’s beloved resident selector and filmmaker Ephraim Asili performing DRONE’s first-ever DJ set
  • a cathartic noise music conclusion provided by Faccia Brutta
  • Cowboy Sadness, the “jambient” supergroup featuring Peter Silberman (The Antlers), David Moore (Bing & Ruth), and Nick Principe (Port St. Willow)
  • Ghost Ensemble, a deep-listening and accordion-oriented chamber group, performs works by composer Ben Richter and legendary multimedia sound artist Phill Niblock, a fitting tribute to the master of DRONE
  • mirrored fatality, an underground interdependent experimental noise punk farmer duo mobilizing a warrior community for mutual aid and other liberations
  • Moundabout, a folk superduo of impressively wizardly Celtic energy
  • an electro-acoustic newt-and-agriculture song suite performed by Peepers
  • proxemia, the project of sound artist José Alejandro Rivera presenting work made with contact mics, furnace fans, synthesizers, and capture of VLF radio
  • Push for Night & Jon Mueller, a great team-up of the experimental electronic duo and revered percussion innovator
  • Scratch, the improvising duo of Lesley Mok and Shara Lunon
  • the multimedia and choreography whirlpool of Senem Pirler & Monica Duncan
  • S.P.A.L.L. (Kenji Garland, Nancy Kim + Winslow), a trio of fearless improvising musicians local to the Hudson Valley
  • Tyondai Braxton – “one of the most acclaimed experimental musicians of the last decade” according to the Washington Post – joins the bill, promising a forceful and kinetic modular synth set featuring acclaimed synthesist Ben Vida
  • the gong-and-voice incantations of Vocalnori

Plus a very special dawn performance by foundational artist (and area local) Linda Mary Montano, a DRONE-specific, environmentally reactive sculptural intervention by Gracelee Lawrence, tattoo spells by yokosnoopy, dream activations by Grace Woodard, special early morning access to Big Towel Spa, and healing comestibles provided once again by Woodland Pantry. Local 111, known for their incredible restaurant in Philmont and for regularly slinging amazing grub from the Basilica kitchen, will serve dinner and brunch in our courtyard.

24-HOUR DRONE will be streamed live on Wave Farm Radio (wavefarm.org/listen) broadcast live on WGXC 90.7-FM: Radio for Open Ears. (wgxc.org).

how does it work?

24-HOUR DRONE takes place in Basilica Hudson’s 6,000 sq. ft. Main Hall with the performers situated in the center of the room and attendees on the floor around them. Each performance blends into the other to create twenty-four hours of unbroken, uninterrupted sound (no applause between acts). Attendees are free to come and go over the twenty-four hours, but those who make the commitment to this long-duration work will be rewarded with the intangible feeling of meditative contentment, pure bliss, and communal collaboration.

Basilica Hudson is a unique industrial factory setting with limited space. Attendees are encouraged to bring a camping pad/yoga mat and pillows/cushions/sleeping bags/blankets. Please be respectful and limit the gear that you bring in order to maximize space and comfort for all DRONERs.


– Space for endurance lounging/listening is limited, not necessarily guaranteed, and will be on a first-come-first served basis

– Bring ONE mat per person, not more.

– No motorized/inflating air mattresses, no chairs, no coolers, no dogs or pets.

– We recommend warm and comfortable clothes, bottles for refill at Basilica’s water fountain, and endurance-enhancing snacks.

what should I pack?

Basilica is a unique industrial space with a wide expanse of brand new floor that will fill up for this gathering. Bring a camping pad/yoga mat/pillows/cushions/sleeping bags/blankets, but please be mindful: limit the gear you bring in order to maximize space and comfort for all DRONERs.

food + beverage

Food and drink will be available throughout DRONE.

You are also welcome to leave, eat, and return as you please!

safer spaces guidelines

We are an inclusive space: BE KIND
Respect others, the space, and yourself
Refrain from all forms of hateful language or behavior
Please: if you don’t feel well, take care and stay home
If you or someone else needs help, find one of our nighttime Safer Space monitors (wearing a light-up blue armband) or a member of Basilica staff
Get home safe!

price increase

24-HOUR DRONE, like its autumnal counterpart Basilica Soundscape, is at the heart of Basilica’s mission to present cutting-edge art and music in our riverfront factory. But these wildly imaginative programs are also expensive to produce. Much has changed since we last presented these events on such a large scale, and we need to adapt to rising costs, from production, marketing, hospitality, staff needs, and more than ever, the need to pay artists fairly. As a nonprofit, we remain deeply committed to the long-term sustainability of these programs, and to paying working artists.

24-HOUR DRONE is a particularly challenging production that demands much of its performers and event staff. It also features as much live music (or more!) as one would usually see in a typical weekend-long music festival. Additionally, in 2023 we were happy to offer heavily discounted admission after 6am on Sunday and will do so again this year if tickets remain available.

If you’d like to make an additional donation outside of your ticket purchase, your support will help to ensure that 24-HOUR DRONE is in the black this year.

About the curation

“Drone” is an expansive term, meaning any sound made with sustained tones. The use of drone dates back to humankind’s earliest music, and is found in cultures the world over. Drone is also a key element in many musical genres from the 20th century and today, including free jazz, electroacoustic, noise, ambient, and other forays into the experimental and avantgarde. 

The leading voices in the most exciting drone-based music today are many BIPOC, women and queer folx drawing from these disparate traditions, or using alternative lenses to investigate otherwise mainstream traditions. We are also lucky that so many incredible music and sound artists live and work in the Hudson Valley. Hence, the 24-HOUR DRONE artist lineup is a reflection of that diversity, as well as our local community – from as many musical and sound disciplines as possible, utilizing a variety of instrumentation. To this end, this year’s festival features a number of performers who submitted to an open call for artists, ensuring that our curation is as broad and widely considered as it can possibly be.

About our partners

Le Guess Who?

With the motto of Listening is the Way Forward, Le Guess Who? is hailed as one of the most forward-thinking festivals around. A music lover’s marathon, Le Guess Who? exists to promote sounds that are often overlooked, and to platform fresh perspectives on what is possible in music.
From 7-10 November 2024, Le Guess Who? once again takes over the entire city of Utrecht, The Netherlands, with over 150 artists performing in pop venues, theaters, churches, clubs, warehouses, and more. More info via www.leguesswho.com.

Sarah Van Buren (SVB) is an artist, educator, sound maker, dee jay and raver based in Stottville, NY who works with music, sound and collaborative performance to investigate buried histories, communal ritual and collective resonance. She started a DJ school in 2019 which evolved into the Hudson Valley-based DJ collective Community Rave Network, and is co-founder of the NYC-based video art/party/performance collective CHERYL. She is an occasional guest DJ on WFMU’s Radio Row program, and a former programmer at WGXC, Wave Farm’s community radio station. She is co-curator of Basilica Hudson’s 24-HOUR DRONE music + sound festival since its inception in 2015, and is certified in Deep Listening® by The Center for Deep Listening at RPI.

Wave Farm is a non-profit arts organization driven by experimentation with broadcast media and the airwaves. A pioneer of the Transmission Arts genre, Wave Farm programs provide access to transmission technologies and support artists and organizations that engage with media as an art form. Wave Farm Radio encompasses many radio streams available at wavefarm.org/listen and the Wave Farm Radio App, including WGXC 90.7-FM: Radio for Open Ears, a full-power, non-commercial, listener-supported station in New York’s Upper Hudson Valley operating out of studios in Hudson and the Wave Farm Study Center in Acra.  https://wavefarm.org/

RVNG is a Brooklyn-based music institution that operates on few but heavily fortified principles, dealing with forward-reaching artists sometimes categorized as electronic, avant, free, fried, bonked, etc.

RVNG seeks to appease collector fandom with extravagant packaging and to remind hopeful audiophile generations of the sonic spectacle that transforms the surrounding airspace when needle presses vinyl.

As for the correct pronunciation of RVNG, please consult the cosmos. More at: https://igetrvng.com/

Dripping is a nightlife and festival organizing effort exploring the authentic connections between sound system-driven club music and the experimental avant-garde. More info can be found here.

RVNG presents…

A Space for Sound

Rena Anakwe is an interdisciplinary artist, performer, poet and healer working primarily with sound, visuals, and scent. Exploring intersections between traditional healing practices, spirituality and performance, she creates works focused on sensory-based, experiential interactions using creative technology. She is based in Brooklyn, New York by way of Nigeria and Canada.

Black Decelerant

Black Decelerant, the duo of Khari Lucas, aka Contour, and Omari Jazz, explore spiritual jazz traditions through contemporary tone and texture, fostering sonic meditations on themes of Black being and nonbeing, life and mourning, expansion and limitation, and the individual and collective. The Black Decelerant collaboration, and intention, creates space for listeners to be still, while providing a basis for a movement beyond “the moment.”

Their new album – Reflections Volume 2 – will be released on RVNG on June 21st, 2024.

heavy trip presents…

Alex Zhang Hungtai

After retiring his project Dirty Beaches, Alex Zhang Hungtai has been focusing on explorations of improvised music, Free Jazz, and his new role as a composer. His newer compositions predominantly work with saxophone, synthesizers, and percussion, furthering his research on ritualistic music of liminality. Zhang works as a composer for film soundtracks, along with acting in independent films. He currently lives in New York City.

Nadah El Shazly

Nadah El Shazly is a producer, vocalist and sound artist from Cairo, Egypt. Her music combines expressive 19th century musical concepts from her homeland with contemporary, borderless forays into electronic and improvisational idioms. She has toured the world extensively, featuring at festivals including Le Guess Who?REWIREIrtijal, and FIMAV, among many others. Her debut album, Ahwar, landed at #12 on The Wire’s ‘Best Albums of 2017’. Beyond her own music, El Shazly is an inspired collaborator, working closely with like-minded Egyptian musicians Maurice Louca and Sam Shalabi (Land of Kush). Recently, she’s been making brain-scrambling, beat-driven music as Pollution Opera, a newly minted duo with irreverent Welsh sound artist Elvin Brandhi. Currently, she is wrapping production on a pair of film scores and preparing to release her sophomore album, due in spring of 2024.

DRIPPING presents…

azumi O E

The raw value of live performance is what fuels Butoh dancer azumi O E. Mesmerizing, shocking and playful movement is choreographed with meticulous timing, conspiring a visual relationship between the inner and outer human dimensions.

She will perform an impromptu exploration of the architecture and aura of the space inviting all to share in a profound communal experience. Oe’s embodied connection will reveal new dimensions creating a visceral encounter between movement, sight, & sound.

Earthen Sea

Earthen Sea is the experimental/ambient/solo project of Jacob Long. The project has run through many phases since 2005 including looped guitar pieces, dark drone, glacial dub-techno, and recently dubby ambient beat pieces.  More recently he has returned as well to a drone and loop sound as well incorporating live saxophone and percussion in performances.

Space Tak

A “music cyborg with heart,” this project of composer and multi-instrumentalist Takuya Nakamura is a total delight. His beloved and one-of-a-kind Lot Radio sets, which feature a joyful blend of DJing, improvised drum machines, and live muted trumpet soaring over DNB rhythms. Balearic departures par excellence.


Known for their thunderous amplified gong performances, Sphente’s endeavors represent a pursuit of raw sound: unfiltered by tonality, musical structure, rhythm, or inferior electro-acoustic reproduction systems. They continue to pioneer modern techniques in electro-acoustic gong performance, whilst vigorously rejecting the wellness-adjacent, cookie-cutter, snake-oil sound bath culture that consumes public perception of and limits the potential of a boundless instrument.

LE GUESS WHO? presents…

dragonchild (ecogrief_fm)

dragonchild takes the exploration of Ethiopian music DA Mekonnen began with Debo Band and explodes it into vivid, three-dimensional space. Where Debo called back to the sounds of 1970s Addis and added original material along those same lines, dragonchild shatters traditions and boundaries, incorporating sampled material, field recordings, experiments in high and low fidelity, and the throughline that unites the diverse sounds, layers of Mekonnen’s rich and ecstatic saxophone.


Ana Roxanne

a New York based musician working at the interzone of electric meditation, dream pop, and ambient songcraft. Her self-titled EP was later reissued by Leaving Records before signing with Kranky for her official full-length debut, 2020’s Because Of A Flower.

Her inspirations span the secular (R&B divas of 1980’s and 90’s) and the spiritual (Catholic choral traditions in which she was raised), synthesized into a uniquely intuitive sonic language, equal parts atmospheric and ancient, healing and hermetic.

Cal Fish

Cal Fish (they/them) is a cross-disciplinary artist from Sea Cliff, NY based in Brooklyn. Their work is multi-modal and immersive, often employing interactive sonic tools/sculptures, experimental pop music, video, sewing soft and social sculpture

For 24 hour drone 2024 they will share a performance in three parts using interactive modular sound sculpture systems. Fish will invite the drone into the space and invite kinesthetic engagement and collaboration using the Dynamic Listening Instrument, a collection of electromagnetic fields and sounding buckets making fragments of their Pre-York River audio archive available for play and recomposition.

Cowboy Sadness

The atmospheric & sprawling debut from Cowboy Sadness – a new collaborative project from The Antlers, Bing & Ruth, & Port St. Willow – is the sound of the desert’s vast, ragged landscape.

The stylistic signatures of each member – Moore’s heavy, undulating organs, Silberman’s melancholic guitars, & Principe’s galloping, hypnotic drums – form thick textures, cavernous spaces, & deep grooves.

Ephraim Asili

is an African American multidisciplinary artist and educator whose work focuses on the African diaspora as a cultural force. Often inspired by his quotidian wanderings, Asili creates films, books, cassettes, records, collage, and installation works that situate themselves as a series of meditations on the everyday in relation to local and global politics.

As a DJ, Asili has been traveling the world and collecting vinyl for nearly 25 years. He was founder and resident deejay of Botanica Vinyl Healing & Good Vibes, upstate New York’s longest continuously running dance party, has been a regular host on WGXC (In The Cut), and has performed guest sets for Afropop Worldwide, WFMU, and NTS Radio. Most recently Asili has been leading all vinyl deep listening sessions with recent performances at the Amant Foundation and the Whitney Museum of American Art.

Faccia Brutta

The energetic and sometimes death defying noise project of JP Basileo, a familiar figure to anyone who has bought a drink at a beloved Hudson Valley venue recently. In furious expulsions, Faccia Brutta smears the walls with distorted audio and, notably, sometimes an amplified radiator. His closing set – meant to bring ugly cry catharsis to a wounded world – will also feature the guitarist Noah Kardos-Fein, brains behind the great band YVETTE.

Ghost Ensemble

performing compositions by Ben Richter and the late, great Phill Niblock

Ghost Ensemble is dedicated to experimental music that expands our perceptual horizons and fosters individual and community transformation…acclaimed as “prodigious … a thrilling listen” (Christian Carey), “cloudy, mysterious, and dark … Beckettian in its slow spread” (Brian Olewnick), and “strong music, made with a singular spirit” (George Grella).

Linda Mary Montano

is a visionary figure in contemporary feminist performance art and her work since the mid-1960s has been critical in the development of video by, for, and about women. Attempting to dissolve the boundaries between art and life, Montano continues to actively explore her art/life through shared experience, role adoption, and intricate life altering ceremonies, some of which last for seven or more years. Her artwork is starkly autobiographical and often concerned with personal and spiritual transformation. Montano’s influence is wide ranging – she has been featured at museums including The New Museum in New York, MOCA San Francisco and the ICA in London. You can find her free videos on Youtube.

mirrored fatality

is an underground interdependent Kapampangan and South Asian xenotr@nsbinary experimental noise punk farmer duo combining performance art, music, spoken word, film, photography, sculpture, upcycled garments, anti-imperialist education, and healing justice practice spaces to mobilize a warrior community responding to transnational calls-to-action for mutual aid, land sovereignty, and prison abolition.


Moundabout’s glorious second long player is named after Cnoc Mór na nGaibhlte (or The Big Hill Of The Galtees) an imposing sandstone and shale peak in Munster, Ireland from which vantage point the horizon retreats to impossible-seeming distances. Paddy Shine, of psychedelic powerhouse GNOD, and Phil Masterson, of cult groups Los Langeros, Damp Howl and Bisect, chose this as base camp for their latest expedition into a new form of psychedelic Irish folk music.


an electro-acoustic experimental folk ensemble (featuring members of Stars Like Fleas, Field Guides, Jantar, Public Practice, and others) that blends improvisational and compositional approaches. Cello, percussion, field recordings, bowed glockenspiel, keys, and guitars weave soundscapes like a twilit AM radio dial: kosmische drone sits beneath palimpsestic ambient folk textures and otherworldly, pulsing rhythms.

At DRONE, they will present a suite that connects the life stages of the eastern newt (red eft)—in and around vernal pools—with the Catskill region’s agricultural seasons, augmenting their already unusual instrumentation with foley and synthesis for an imagined time lapse of blooms and harvests.

Push for Night & Jon Mueller

Push For Night is the New York City based duo of Oliver Chapoy and James Elliott. Trafficking in dark, liminal electronics, the duo’s sound is an ever shifting morass of psychoacoustic textures and spectral utterances. Evoking eerie, unnatural, and hidden spaces, this is music that exists in the threshold – locked in a constant push and pull of thwarted expectations and sublime release, hovering in a trance state of the always in-between.

Renowned percussionist and drummer Jon Mueller is celebrated for his uncommon technique, rigor and virtuosity. Mueller’s aim has been to move drums, percussion and rhythm from its anticipated backbeat to a central musical focus, something more intuitive and natural than usually imagined.


proxemia is the creative vehicle of José Alejandro Rivera, a Vermont-based Puerto Rican artist, sound designer, composer, organizer, land-worker, and sometimes educator. As Proxemia, José makes evocative, densely-layered electroacoustic music and audio work that ranges from transmission and radio art, environmental compositions and geo-notational maps, multi-channel installations and performances, and sound design for the moving image, dance, and podcasts.

Sometimes densely-layered, and in other moments, expansive and evocative; an oscillating assemblage of shifting textures from amplified objects, reel-to-reel tape loops, radio transmissions, VLF [Very Low Frequencies], voice, synth tones, programming, and environmental recordings. Learn more: www.proxemiasound.net


Scratch is the electroacoustic improvisatory duo of Shara Lunon and Lesley Mok. The duo combines spoken word, field recordings, and acoustic improvisation to construct an immersive soundscape that reflects their interest in capturing the complexity, humor, and dissonance of their American experience.

Senem Pirler & Monica Duncan

The ongoing collaboration between intermedia sound artist Senem Pirler and video and performance artist Monica Duncan investigates everyday objects, concepts of agency, and queer potentiality through a variety of novel means such as synthesis, a mylar screen stretched across the performance area, sex toys, contact microphones, feedback of various types, and the interesting transformations in translating two and three-dimensional space.


Born in 2022 in the waters of the Widow Jane Mine in Rosendale, NY, S.P.A.L.L. (Kenji Garland, Nancy Kim, and Winslow) plays harsh environments for rare earths and music.

Tyondai Braxton

Tyondai Braxton is an American composer of electronic and notated music. He studied music composition at The Hartt School of the University of Hartford in West Hartford, Connecticut with Robert Carl, Ingram Marshall. His work ranges from solo pieces to music for large orchestra and electronics. He is “one of the most acclaimed experimental musicians of the last decade” – Washington Post

He will be performing with special guest Ben Vida, a renowned synthesist.


the gong-and-vocal-sounds project of Leo Chang, a Korean improviser, composer, and performer of experimental music. Born in Seoul, Leo lived as an expat in Singapore, Taipei, and Shanghai, until moving to the United States in 2011. His art is an act of homemaking inspired by various musical and ideological movements that have sought to question power dynamics and imagine egalitarian possibilities. His primary methods are free improvisation, written text, graphical notation, and electronic processing. With VOCALNORI, Chang seeks to understand the physical properties of hammered metal, vocal cords, and sonic signal.

White Hills

“Heavy psychedelic music can deliver the thinking mind through a door to the greater universe. I want people to find a space for meditation. We all are constantly barraged and beaten down with a lot of bullshit today. Personally, I find that spaced-out extreme music transports me to a very tranquil place. I hope, more than anything, our music brings others to that place of enlightenment and ecstasy.”


Gracelee Lawrence

…sculpts work that deals with relationships between food, the body, and technology, employing, among other approaches, a wide array of digital fabrication methods. They show often and are an enthusiastic dancer, a lifelong horse person, and a passionate gardener.

For DRONE, Gracelee will install a newly commissioned, dynamic, and environment-reactive piece throughout the Main Hall.


Dream Activation by Grace Woodard

Grace Woodard is a sounder, mover, dreamer, plant person, and Deep Listening® facilitator whose work explores how listening and cultivating shared resonance can support individual, communal, and ecological change and resilience.

There’s No Place Like DRONE is a DRONE-long dream ritual and collaboration with Woodland Pantry that invites us to dream in community and to share what emerges in a living map of our collective dream over the course of the 24 hours.

Tattoo Spells by yokosnoopy

Tattoo Spells are hand-poked with essence-infused ink and intention. Essences are energetic imprints of flowers, plants, minerals, environments and astrological events captured in spring water. They can be supportive and impelling. Using essences adds a magical element to the already potent ritual of tattooing. 


Food by Local 111

Chef Jo and the Local 111 crew bring a personal touch to every dish. Honored as Best Chef by the Columbia County Chamber of Commerce, she’s dedicated to sourcing locally and building a community around good food. When serving on site at Basilica, Local 111 offers a taste of New York State’s finest, where every plate tells a story of passion, heritage, and sustainability.

Woodland Pantry

run by artist, herbalist, and communal healer Tanya Himeji Romero, Woodland Pantry provides food that is thoughtful, nourishing, delicious, and restorative. Their selection of edible medicine at last year’s DRONE was a crucial component and we are delighted to invite them back, this time in a collaboration with dream guide Grace Woodard.

Special Access Hours at Big Towel Spa

a mobile sauna that is now operating as the crown jewel in Hudson’s Waterfront Park, just a short walk from Basilica, Big Towel provides a delicious, safe, and recuperative schvitz. DRONErs seeking a break or simply an early morning cleanse are encouraged to go sweat by the river! Big Towel will also be featuring WGXC’s radio live stream, making for a super unique listening experience.

Book your sweat: https://www.bigtowelspa.com/event-details-registration/sunrise-drone-public-sauna

DRONE clock logo by Dylan Kraus

Partners & Sponsors