Friday, November 29 – Sunday, December 1, 2019

Our seventh annual Basilica Farm & Flea Holiday Market was a bountiful weekend of local and independent talent. A huge thank you to the hard-working vendors and close to 10,000 market-goers who came together to join us in supporting a healthy local economy. This is what sustainable community looks like!


We’re approaching the seventh annual Basilica Farm & Flea Holiday Market! At Basilica Farm & Flea Holiday Market, shoppers get the chance to connect with artisans in person, creating an important relationship between maker and buyer that has become increasingly rare.

Green Initiatives and Local Partners

Our seventh annual Basilica Farm & Flea Holiday Market is next weekend. Since it began, Basilica Farm & Flea has offered a platform to local and independent vendors who pioneer creative and environmentally friendly products, from reusable food wraps to zero-waste furniture made from recycled material. With each market, we hope attendees leave feeling inspired to make local, sustainable choices a part of their daily lives.

Basilica Farm & Flea Holiday Market Gift Guide 2019

For the seventh consecutive year, Basilica Farm and Flea Holiday Market will fill our riverside factory with handcrafted goods for a weekend of local holiday shopping. Born as an alternative to traditional big box Black Friday, Basilica Farm & Flea offers over 100 local and independent artists, chefs, farmers, makers and collectors selling sustainable, quality goods. 

Join us November 29 – December 1 to find everything you need to give unique, personal gifts this holiday season. See a full list of vendors (including 25 brand new to Basilica Farm & Flea) HERE.


October 19 – 20

// Fosshotel Husavik, Iceland // 

Curated by Melissa Auf Der Maur, Nathan Larson and Bardi Johannsson
In collaboration with LUMEN PROJECT and LE GUESS WHO?

“Collaborative, respectful, observational. It’s so beautiful to see that, wherever we take DRONE, it always feels the same and that it always creates an environment of deep listening and deep collaboration.”
Melissa Auf der Maur



September 13 – 15, 2019

Let other music festivals have their haute-hippie selfies and front-to-back rock-album recitals. Basilica SoundScape can now lay claim to its very own poet trolley—an antique trolley car retrofitted to host readings, a new addition to this upstate arts summit. SoundScape, the flagship weekend for the Hudson, New York, performance venue, evinces a mind-set that’s at once bookish and noisy.
Jay Ruttenberg, New Yorker


THANK YOU to the independent spirits and creative minds who joined us for a beautiful, bountiful weekend at Basilica Farm Flea Spring Market. And to our neighbors at Processional Arts and Hudson Area Library for the incredible Parade!

THANK YOU to every one of the 93 vendors that joined us, and deep thanks to our supporters and community sponsors for Basilica Farm & Flea Spring Market 2019: Green Mountain Energy, CYCLEffect, SunCommonColumbia County Tourism and Drop Forge & Tool. We were also delighted to welcome Rural Intelligence and Edible Hudson Valley back as media partners.

IMAGE CREDITS: Aoko Su by Elise McMahon, Nina Z by Elise McMahon, Suncommon by Elise McMahon, Petit Pilou by Elise McMahon, Russell Jones Jewelry by Elise McMahon, Bells Beeswax Candles by Elise McMahon, Shana Lee Jewelry by Elise McMahon, Fahari Bazaar by Elise McMahon, Aubry by Elise McMahon, Folkart by Mary Shelley carving demonstration by Elise McMahon, Crooked Stick Pops fan wearing Petit Pilou by Elise McMahon

Melissa Auf der Maur’s love letter to Moor Mother

I first saw Camae Ayewa perform as Moor Mother when Brandon Stosuy invited her to play our 2017 festival Basilica SoundScape. Watching her set, I was shocked and activated. I turned to my friend and tried to explain my mind’s attempt to make sense of what I was watching:

“Moor Mother is like Courtney Love merged with H.R. from Bad Brains, and a jazz mashup playing backwards on a broken machine — with the angel of Eazy-E hovering above her shoulder.”

Totally nuts. It was the most exciting performance I had seen in years.
It was something brand new and a reflection of a future I could believe in.

As a Canadian living in the USA, and searching for the meaning of ‘American’, I see Ayewa as the most relevant American voice working in music and sound today. Black. Female. Political. Noise Artist. Performance Artist. Technically masterful. Empowered. Unafraid. Confronting. Honest. Beautiful.

As a lifelong devoted musician, who has spent most of the last decade on ‘maternity leave’ to raise a daughter and an arts center that strives to be platform for independent and innovative voices in arts & culture, Moor Mother is an example of what I am seeking. In an oddly ever-evolving world of arts, culture, corporate takeover and political mania, our music festivals at Basilica Hudson, in particular, are where I am learning the most. From a producer and audience perspective, Moor Mother is one of the greatest revelations of this new chapter of mine.

It’s rare when the visceral power of human emotional, political and intellectual are equally woven, sounding unlike anyone but that individual’s landscape. Jazz. Feminism. Activism. Noise. Industrial. Machines. Human. Broken. Sophisticated.

You MUST go discover the world and work of MOOR MOTHER for yourself.

NYC Friends! She is with you this week! GO!

Melissa Auf der Maur
Co-Founder and Director, Basilica Hudson