Basilica programs continued their global journey in 2017 with satellite events in Sweden, the Netherlands, Canada and the UK

The partnership and support of our local and international music communities helps us define our scope and mission. We were grateful for the opportunity to have expanded SoundScape and 24-HOUR DRONE internationally in 2017, and to deepen the Basilica connection with faraway devotees of expression and experimentation. We spread the wings of our big factory dreams across the globe in 2017, with a series of international satellite events in Canada, the UK, the Netherlands and Sweden, with like-minded collaborators including Le Guess Who?, Fat Out, Winnipeg New Music Festival and Dream Music, who have helped expand our international Basilica community. We were honored to spread the singular big factory dreams of the little City of Hudson across the globe.



Basilica Hudson and Winnipeg New Music Festival present
Duncan Sportsplex Arena, Winnipeg, CA
Saturday, February 4, 2017 | 12PM – 12AM

Basilica Hudson and Le Guess Who? collaborated in Canada, embracing Winnipeg’s winter, hibernation and coming together in slow breathing and heart rate for a 12-hour installment of DRONE. It was a divine opportunity to invite the threads of the region’s culture to weave into one. Much like the “Canadian Mosaic” Canadians are raised to embrace and respect (the opposite of the “American Melting Pot”), we aimed to reflect cultures ancient, contemporary and foreign as one. 12-HOUR WINTER DRONE occurs in partnership with the Winnipeg New Music Festival, an initiative of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra in its 26th year. The WSO is integral to Winnipeg’s rich cultural life, delighting more than 225,000 audience members each year with innovative programming and musical excellence. The WSO presents educational programs for more than 40,000 students annually and tours to communities across Manitoba.
FEATURING: William Basinski, Melissa Auf der Maur + Jessica Moss, Matthew Patton, Lubomyr Melnyk, Ben Shemie (SUUNS), Andy Rudolph, Fjóla Evans + Travis Harrison, Burden (Doreen Girard + Caitlin Hutchinson), Keri Latimer, Charles Curtis (La Monte Young), Miles Macdonell Symphony Singers, Greenhouse, Jessica Rosen + Alberto Cerro, Liam Ross Gibson + Tristan Zaba, Andrew Balfour, Reinhard Jucknat, Mike Thompson, Al Schroeder



Basilica Hudson & Le Guess Who? present
as part of Fat Out Fest 2017
Islington Mill, Salford, UK
Saturday, April 15, 2017 | 12PM – 9PM

Basilica Hudson and Le Guess Who? were invited to curate one of Fat Out Fest’s stages, presenting a nine-hour installment of DRONE at the Fat Out’s Burrow Stage inside the Islington Mill club space. Other curatorial partners putting together their own stages include Lisa Meyer (Capsule/Supersonic, UK), Anthony Chalmers (Baba Yaga’s Hut, UK), John Doran (The Quietus, UK), Garth Be (Sweet Sticky, UK) and Joaquim Durães (Lovers & Lollypops, PT). Fat Out Til You Pass Out is an independent promotions crew based in Salford, UK. Since its founding in 2007, Fat Out has grown from humble DIY punk roots into a force to be reckoned with in the Salford/Manchester independent music scene. Currently working within the confines of a long-term programming residency at Islington Mill, Fat Out will presented its fourth Fat Out Festival, a collaborative celebration of music and visual arts, on April 14 – 16, 2017.
FEATURING: Giant Swan, Blood Sport, WATER, Alexandra Duvekot & The Plant Orchestra, Lani Rocillo, The Death of Money, MELLTITH, SVNTREADER, CUSP Presents Outside the Dream Syndicate, Sam Weaver, Ecka Mordecai, Swaggerjack



Basilica Hudson & Le Guess Who? present
Dream Music 12 HOUR DRONE
Malmö Live – Kuben, Malmö, Sweden
Saturday, October 14, 2017

Following successful DRONE satellite events in Manchester, UK and Winnipeg, CA, 24-HOUR DRONE continued its international journey on Saturday, October 14, as the DRONE dream went to Sweden for a 12-hour sonic meditation with pitch, tone, color and volume, featuring performances from some of the best contemporary practitioners of the genre and several DRONE alumni.
FEATURING: Stephen O’Malley (US) (SUNN O)))), Julianna Barwick (US), Melissa Auf Der Maur (CAN) (HOLE, Smashing Pumpkins), Noveller (US), Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe (US), Julia Kent (us), Deradoorian (US) (EX-DIRTY Projectors), Nathan Larson (US) (A Camp/Shudder To Think), Jessica Moss (CAN) (THEE Silver Zion Memorial Orchestra), Lau Nau (FIN), Matti Bye (SWE), Christoffer Berg (SWE), Saturn And The Sun (SWE) (SKULL Dfkts, Fire Orchestra, Enough!!!), The Dream Music Ensemble (SWE) (US), Ectoplasm Girls (SWE), Jaen Haven (SWE), Vindla Quartet(Swe) Malmo Nya Dronesallskap (SWE), Vega Choir (SWE) Marathon DJ set by Elin Unnes (SWE)



Le Guess Who? Festival
Utrect, Netherlands
November 9 – 12, 2017

The DRONE dream also returned to where it all started, with a 12 HOUR DRONE at 2017’s Le Guess Who? featuring frequent Basilica Hudson DRONE participants Jessica Moss, Ben Shemie, Big|Brave and Lea Bertucci among its lineup. Basilica SoundScape, Basilica Hudson’s weekend of music and art also made an appearance at 2017’s Le Guess Who?, with a Basilica SoundScape-curated stage which included performances by Basilica SoundScape alumni Jenny Hval, Protomartyr, Meredith Graves and more. Basilica SoundScape is curated and presented in collaboration with The Creative Independent. Le Guess Who? is the Netherlands’ mainstay event for exploration, collaboration, and musical boundary-crossing. The 2017 edition of the festival takes place November 9 – 12 in the picturesque city of Utrecht. Over 150 artists performed in venues ranging from theaters and pop venues to churches, galleries and warehouses.
12-HOUR DRONE FEATURING: Surajit Das, The Star Pillow, R. De Selby, Roy Montgomery, Ben Bertrand, Ellen Arkbro, Yann Gourdon, Leo Svirsky, Hellvete, Jessica Moss, Ben Shemie, Big|Brave, Thisquietarmy, Innerwoud, Ashtoreth, Lea Bertucci, Martijn Comes, Orphax, Veni Om
BASILICA SOUNDSCAPE STAGE FEATURING: Liu Fang, Protomartyr, Meredith Graves, Greg Fox, Jenny Hval, Prurient