September 15 – 17, 2017

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“This was my first time at Basilica, and I’ll definitely be coming next year!
The space is amazing and worked perfectly for this genre. I had never heard of many of these groups, and I’m so glad that Basilica Soundscape is where I saw/heard them first. It was run so efficiently and I found myself wishing it would just go on and on. Having this event in Hudson makes me fall in love with Hudson all over again, too. We walked up and down Warren Street before the event began and visited many wonderful and surprising shops.”
Christopher Baetz, SoundScape 2017 first-timer

It was our first time attending the festival with no expectations, just an eagerness to discover new music in a new space and enjoy some nature outside of the city. We had a hole in our hearts since the disappearance of the great All Tomorrow’s Parties. Soundscape scratched that itch.
The venue is gorgeous Great bands, great crowd, great vibe. Music and art- all so well curated! I came to the fest knowing one artist and left enjoying so many! I cannot wait for next year’s soundscape or any other future events at the Basilica.

Sylvia Apostol


To the artists who stepped off the beaten path to be with us, to the adventurous campers, to the attentive listeners, to the loving Basilica family.

You helped us to create something genuine, fearless, beautiful, magical, light, dark and loud.

To our collaborators Brandon Stosuy of The Creative Independent and Jenn Pelly, thank you for sharing this vision with us.

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Fresh off the back of the art + music jewel in the Basilica crown, we are catapulted onto the next ritual of collaboration, immersion and sonic communion with an overseas satellite program this fall. BSS alumni Protomartyr, Jenny Hval, Meredith Graves and more play the Basilica SoundScape-curated stage at Le Guess Who?, Nov 10, Utrecht, Netherlands. We are honored and excited to spread the singular big factory dreams in the little City of Hudson, across the globe.

Basilica SoundScape curators Jenn Pelly, Brandon Stosuy, Melissa Auf der Maur and Tony Stone, by Samantha Marble for The Creative Independent, Blanck Mass by Samantha Marble for The Creative Independent, Moor Mother by Samantha Marble for The Creative Independent, John Maus by Samantha Marble for The Creative Independent, Yvette by Samantha Marble for The Creative Independent, Zola Jesus by Samantha Marble for The Creative Independent, Jake protesting Caleb by Brandon Stosuy, Yellow Eyes by Samantha Marble for The Creative Independent, serpentwithfeet, Triangle Records and Emel Mathlouthi by Brandon Stosuy, serpentwithfeet by Samantha Marble for The Creative Independent, Zola Jesus and Jlin by Brandon Stosuy, Protomartyr by Samantha Marble for The Creative Independent, “Allman Brothers” (co-presenter Brandon with TriAngle Records and Sacred Bones Records) by Brandon Stosuy, Priests by Samantha Marble for The Creative Independent, Emel Mathlouthi by Richard Lovrich for The Alt, Henry and Jake watching Thou soundcheck at Basilica by Brandon Stosuy