October 23, 2021

“Basilica Hudson recognizes the profound and rare exchange that occurred at SoundBath this past weekend. The generosity of our audience and their deepest listening was gracefully mirrored in the artists’ meditations and creations. Basilica was birthed with the dream to be a Temple of Sound, and with all who participated in SoundBath, we did just that. This homage to the building, in celebration of our decade milestone, was a catalyst of inspiration to move us into our next decade with you.” – Melissa Auf der Maur, Basilica Hudson Co-Founder and Director. 

For the first time in two years, Basilica Hudson and The Creative Independent were able to present an evening of experimental sound in our industrial waterfront factory. Drawing curatorial inspiration from Basilica Hudson’s two anchor music festivals, 24-HOUR DRONE and Basilica SoundScape, the evening featured alumni artists from both events, all of whom were given complete creative freedom on their interpretation of a sound bath.

With seamless transitions between sets, the artists passed their sound from one to another, beginning with Samer Ghadry’s gong bath that enveloped the audience in meditative sonic bliss. Elvis Perkins, along with Wyndham Garnett and Tyler Wood, then emerged from the rafters, our second floor level which opens out into the Main Hall, for their interlude. From percussive strums that echoed the spirit and history of the factory, to soaring melodies from a saxophone, this moment served as a site-specific ode to the building and its reawakening. 

Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe began his set solo, embracing the ethos of spontaneous sound and experimentation through voice and modular synths, before being joined by Circuit des Yeux. The two shared an energy that was palpable, a creative connection that evolved through their mastery of vocals and electronic layering. 

Their collaboration transitioned into Circuit des Yeux’s individual performance as she wandered through the crowd, her commanding voice sustained through every corner of our halls. 

With a limited capacity and sold out audience, Basilica SoundBath felt intimate, yet vibrant. Restoration through experiential sound and connection. Thank you to the artists for sharing their visionary talents with us; thank you to our incredible production crew who took such care to awaken Basilica Hudson with ethereal light and immersive sound; and thank you to the attendees for your trust and enthusiasm.

We’ll see you back again soon.

“Giving space for space, through expansive gong music, this beautiful modality for relaxation and rejuvenation, is like writing a love letter to the sanctity of time in the human realm. Basilica SoundBath to me was a kind of introspective collective opening of the heart/mind experience. It journeyed through a variety of approaches to sound, each one its player’s authentic poem, and the night naturally upped its own ante, which usually happens when musicians are listening. It culminated at the end with Haley’s powerful, incredible voice, the night’s largest gong. A friend noted to me that he wished that I had leaned into the gongs a bit more during my opening set, and I replied that it didn’t really feel right at the time. Now it’s obvious that without speaking about it, the musicians of the night were silently connecting, listening to the room, the moment, and responding to create something new and real.” – Samer Ghadry, artist 

“Basilica SoundBath was incredible. The name “sound bath” truly is a perfect way to describe what took place: A warm, enveloping pool of vibrational energy, beautiful and haunting, in which the physical world melted away and only pure momentary experience remained. The musicians delivered not only an amazing performance, but therapy for the soul.” – Basilica SoundBath audience member 

“An evening of transcendence. Basilica SoundBath is emblematic of the artistic zeal/ingenuity that is at the core of life in the Hudson Valley.” – Randy C.A. Grimshaw, Basilica SoundBath audience members.

All photos by Samantha Marble


Thank you to our Basilica SoundBath supporters, partners and collaborators. This event would not have been possible without your generosity and like-minded spirit:

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