With our spring season of programming postponed due to Covid-19, we have planned online and digital reworkings of our postponed programs, with streaming options for audiences to participate in BASILICA GREEN while safely in isolation at home.

Climate Action Film Festival

In celebration of Earth Day, on Tuesday, April 21, we will continue our collaboration with Certified BCorp SunCommon to present a streamed selection of short films focused on solutions to the climate crisis, as part of SunCommon’s Climate Action Film Festival. Filmmakers will include long-time friend of Basilica Green initiatives Jon Bowermaster, whose award-winning work presents striking and beautiful local and global studies into those working to combat the climate and energy crisis. Further films will tackle topics ranging from the work of Extinction Rebellion, to the innovative activism of two indigenous poets. Learn more and register here

Expanding the Basilica Green Initiative: TOOLSHED

As part of the launch of BASILICA GREEN – our expanded commitment to sharing and informing its audience on sustainable and regenerative practices – we have also forged a number of new program partnerships that will complement the organization’s expanded mission.

We will launch a new collaboration and partnership with artist duo Susannah Sayler and Edward Morris (Sayler / Morris), who will join Basilica Hudson as artists-and-curators-in-residence for 2020. Sayler / Morris are also co-founders of The Canary Project, a collective that has produced more than 20 art and media projects that deepen public understanding of ecological issues such as climate change, extinction, food systems and water resources. As part of their partnership with Basilica Hudson, Sayler / Morris will be working on a long-term, multi-faceted project called Toolshed that gathers and shares tools for a livable future. Toolshed will be developed in tandem with Basilica’s Net Zero Campus infrastructure improvement project supported in part by NYSERDA. The addition of Toolshed will form the core of BASILICA GREEN, an expanded initiative that enriches Basilica Hudson’s public programming, and supports the creation of new joint initiatives, including site-specific installations, ecological workshops, and educational programming series.

Susannah Sayler and Edward Morris (Sayler / Morris & The Canary Project) say:
“COVID-19 has only made apparent what was already there beneath the surface: a global emergency; a need for community; a re-centering of our relationship to earth (not The Earth, but earth). And here is the thing about Basilica Hudson: it already gets all that! Basilica is the sort of cultural institution we need post-virus—ecologically focused, rooted in place, open and forward-thinking. We are so grateful to be working with Basilica to forge this vision for the future and to partner in developing our new project: Toolshed, an ambitious cultural platform where we gather and share tools for a livable future. We can’t wait to share with the entire Basilica community and invite everyone out there to join in. Launching just as soon as we can!”

Read more about our revised spring season of programming and why we need your help in this moment


If you are an environmental or agricultural organization, renewable energy provider, or any business or individual working in and around sustainable living, and are interested in participating in our marketplace, contributing to the program content, or joining us as a sponsor, please sign up here.


Basilica Hudson’s 2020 Ten-Year Anniversary Season celebrates a decade of innovative and independent multi-disciplinary arts programming. In honor of this important milestone, Basilica Hudson brings local and global green initiatives to the forefront of its creative mission through expanded programs and new strategic partnerships with leaders in the field of sustainability.

Take a look at our 2019 event, the Basilica Green Energy Fair for last year’s full program and presenters.

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