Tuesday, November 13 | 6.30PM

Film | Photo | Conversation

// FREE //
// Doors at 6.30PM | Program begins 7.30PM //

Basilica Hudson presents a FREE evening of film, photo and conversation with a screening of Laura Parnes’ comedic hybrid documentary Tour Without End and a book release event for Stacy Wakefield’s 131 Different Things, an innovative combination of photography by Yeah Yeah Yeahs guitarist Nick Zinner and novella by Zachary Lipez.

“Basilica is committed to providing a platform to independent voices in music, art and culture. It is a natural fit for friend of Basilica, Nick Zinner, to return with his collaborators on a book project that explores like minded spaces in NYC through photography and writing. Complimenting that theme is Laura Parne’s experimental fiction/doc hybrid which further explores NYC arts and culture spaces and characters navigating the Trump era. Please join us for a delightful double bill of fantasy, reality and fiction!”
– Melissa Auf der Maur, Co-Founder and Director

TWEtrailer from Laura Parnes on Vimeo.


Nick Zinner | Zachary Lipez | Stacy Wakefield
“equal parts Vice Dos and Don’ts and Jane Austen”

✨ When Sam, a bartender in New York, hears that his ex Vicki – his one true love – has quit AA and is out drinking again, he embarks on a quest to find her. Sam and his sidekick Francis trek from dive bars to gay bars to rocker bars—encountering skinheads, party promoters, underage drug dealers, and dominatrixes—but they are always one step behind Vicki. It begins to seem like 131 different things are keeping the lovers apart. Before the night is over, Sam will have to wrestle with what he is really looking for. ✨

In this innovative new book, book artist Stacy Wakefield (Evil Twin Publications) ties together the photography of Yeah Yeah Yeahs guitarist Nick Zinner with a novella by Zachary Lipez. For this book release event, Nick, Stacy and Zachary will present a talk with slideshow and music that is an observational study of the manners and mores of 2006 New York bar, fashion and music culture.


The evening will continue with a screening of Tour Without End, a cross-generational commentary on contemporary culture and politics in the Trump era which casts real-life musicians, artists, and actors as fictional bands on tour and features members of Gang Gang Dance, Le Tigre, The Julie Ruin, Light Asylum, MGMT and more.

Shot over the course of 4 years between 2014-2018, at over 15 DIY music spaces in and around NYC, Tour Without End functions as a time capsule made more apparent by the shuttering of many of the films’ locations due to NYC’s rapid gentrification.

Shot in real environments and situations, the core group of players improvise based on semi-scripted scenes. Many of these performers are legendary in the downtown NYC arts scene and become archetypes playing archetypes. As the players move in and out of their real-life identities and roles as fictionalized characters, the film moves in and out of non-linear narrative, complicating the work as historical document.

The film revels in the sometimes hilarious but always-complex band dynamics that the characters endure while touring, collaborating, and aging in a youth-driven music industry. The sometimes self-indulgent bubble the bands exist within is burst when, while on tour, they attend the protests surrounding the Republican convention.

Drawing connections between past and present, the film draws from the current political climate and the rockumentary tradition of This Is Spinal Tap and the hybrid tradition of Medium Cool to assert that no one exists outside of politics.

The film’s multitude of characters are legendary performers in the downtown NYC arts scene including Wooster Group founder Kate Valk, Jim Fletcher (The NYC Players), musicians Lizzi Bougatsos (Gang Gang Dance), Kathleen Hanna (The Julie Ruin), Brontez Purnell (The Younger Lovers), Eileen Myles, Alexandra Drewchin (Eartheater), Nicole Eisenman, K8 Hardy, Johanna Fateman (Le Tigre) Shannon Funchess (Light Asylum), JD Samson (MEN), Gary Indiana, Kembra Pfahler (Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black), Rachel Mason, Tom McGrath, Matthew Asti (MGMT), Becca Blackwell, Christen Clifford, Alessandra Genovese (Crush), Rogelio Ramos (Love Pig), Kenya Robinson (Cheeky LaShae) and Neon Music (Youth Quake).


To close out the night, film-maker Laura Parnes will join book artist Stacy Wakefield, photographer Nick Zinner, writer Zachary Lipez and Basilica Hudson co-founder and director Melissa Auf der Maur in conversation for a discussion on art, film, music and DIY community.


Basilica Hudson’s Film & Media program is supported by a grant from the Alexander & Marjorie Hover Foundation.

Basilica Film Screenings are made possible, in part, by a generous in-kind projector loan from Second Ward Foundation.