Thursday, August 3 | 6PM – Monday, August 7

Alon Koppel

Image: Alon Koppel

Thursday, August 3 | 6PM-9PM
Friday, August 4 | 12PM-6PM
Saturday, August 5 | 11AM-3PM
Sunday, August 6 | 2PM-6PM
Monday, August 7 by appointment, email | FREE

Alon Koppel, an artist based in the village of Catskill, will be Basilica Hudson’s latest artist-in-residency. Alon will explore ideas of truth and fiction in the current political landscape and in photography. Alon will present various projects touching on the 2016 general election and its aftermath. As part of the residency he will explore a visual dialog with Hudson residents which will be presented at the Back Gallery in various forms once the residency ends.

Born in Israel in 1971 and currently residing in Catskill, Alon has been photographing for most of his adult life. His work has been shown in galleries and online spaces throughout the world. After running a design agency in New York City for years, a move to the Hudson Valley allowed him to explore photography subjects and projects with more attention and focus.

This exhibition continues Basilica Hudson’s 2017 thematic Back Gallery artist in residency program, which explores the location as muse. Creating the work in Hudson and at Basilica suggests that the eclectic present and past of this river city is central to inspiration.

Back Gallery Openings are a culmination of artist(s) spending some time in the space, experiencing the place and then opening it up to the public.

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