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“Everything that warehouse conversion dreams are made of, and the kind of space that forces you to use the word “space” far too often when describing it…” – The Guardian, 2016

“[Basilica Farm & Flea] is a urban-chic-meets-new-rural extravaganza….a stellar shopping be-in.” – Chronogram, 2015

“Basilica SoundScape’s mad, siren squall: the upstate New York festival continues to provide a haven for the sound-obsessed.” – Billboard, 2015

“A festival of pop, punk and so much else.” – The New York Times, 2015

“[Basilica SoundScape is] almost indescribable, with a you-had-to-be-there fervor. The avant-garde fest proved that a grassroots approach can consistently stun.” – Newsweek, 2015

“We’re certainly long past the days when Canadian migrants used the Hudson River as an aquatic pathway to big city life and substandard maple syrup, but something tells me if Basilica Soundscape had been around in the late 19th century, travelers…would’ve temporarily given up their dreams of American density and stopped some three hours shy (five hours by horse and carriage).” – Tiny Mix Tapes, 2015

“Basilica Hudson is making it up as they go and they’re making it work, throwing boundary-pushing concert events—and their annual Basilica Soundscape festival—dance performances, literary readings, film screenings, etc. We love watching this place grow.” – Metroland, 2014

“[Basilica is] a cavernous, cathedral-like building that feels simultaneously historical and futuristic, an emblem of the area’s industrial past juxtaposed against an ancient backdrop of mountains, river and forest.” – The Guardian, 2014

“Basilica Hudson is rapidly emerging as a truly cutting-edge Hudson Valley performing arts venue.”             – Almanac Weekly, 2014

“More festivals, in idyllic destinations or not, should be this way: a declaration and a creative act in which different kinds of musical and literary sensibilities, low-key or oblique or confrontational, barely out of the egg or middle-aged and experienced, can be made memorable by juxtaposition and setting.” – The New York Times, 2013

“That’s part of what made the adventure from the city feel worth the trip: the considered curation of the event and its execution meant more in this setting than a regular music festival. Basilica SoundScape revealed itself like a secret, something we could all share in, no matter how odd, insider-y, and potentially misunderstood.” – Vice, 2013

“Basilica Soundscape 13 didn’t just feel like an aesthetic victory. The efforts of the Basilica team are also one of many necessary measures that need to be taken when real-estate prices affect the cultural health of a city. Everyone has their 1991 Montreal or their 1982 New York or their 2005 Los Angeles, when things were cheap and messy and possible. Right now, Basilica SoundScape feels like that, and it’s a joy.” – The New Yorker, 2013

“Basilica Hudson has a knack for taking an already-cool Hudson event (the Rockwellian Flag Day parade, for instance) and injecting an added dose of liquid cool (the Freak Flag Day show, to wit).” – Metroland, 2012