Saturday, April 27, 2019 – Sunday, April 28, 2019 | 12PM – 12PM

EXPERIMENTS IN SOUND AND MUSIC | presented by Basilica Hudson and Le Guess Who?

Sitar to Choir…

Accordion to Electronics…

Doppler Effect Surround Sound to Singing Bowls…

// Ustad Shafaat Khan // Deradoorian // AHRKH // Zone 6 Presents: Kinlaw // NEVER TEMPLE // Jay Rodriguez: < MOTHER > // New Albion Records Presents:¬†Brooklyn Raga Massive: Unstruck Sound // Famous Accordion Orchestra: Hudson Valley Dronescape // Hudson Valley Shakuhachi Choir // Iva Bittova + Matt Norman // Anastasia Clarke‘s Crushed Matrices // Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste // Sondra Sun-Odeon‘s Unsilencing // XOIR‘s XRONOLOGY // Ethan Primason + Caroline Partamian // Chris Andersen // Welkom In De Blaak // Mark Trecka // QUELQUE SHOW Montreal Block: Concrete + Sk1n Tone // Lumen Project Presents:¬†Reg Bloor // Soramimi // Octonomy // Bob Bellerue // Bouquet // Ginny Benson // Ben Seretan: My Life’s Work

Explore. Experiment. Exchange.



Escape the tight hands of time in a long-form, endurance homage to sound. An all-encompassing, immersive event, 24-HOUR DRONE features musicians and sound artists experimenting with sustained tones, creating a full twenty-four hours of unbroken sound.

Droners are free to come and go over the twenty-four hours, but those who make the commitment to this long-duration work will be rewarded with the intangible feeling of meditative contentment, pure bliss, and communal collaboration.

Sound as Experience. Sound as Installation. Sound without the tight hands of Time. To honor sound in a space that enhances it and places it in a long-form time schedule that allows it to expand.

Video Program sponsored by Second Ward Foundation

Curated by James Autery, Artist-in-Residence

A video compilation evoking various states of meditation, culled from the collection of Second Ward Foundation and archival footage



Coffee, tea, bagels and pastries from Citizen Caravan

Banh Mi Sandwiches, Bibimbap, Grilled Chicken Teriyaki, Mapo Tofu, Crispy Eggplant and bone broth from Yummy Kitchen for lunch and dinner til late

Breakfast Banh Mi, Congee Rice porridge and Bone Broth for Sunday breakfast from Yummy Kitchen

Plus overnight DRONUTS from Love Apple Farm

24-HOUR DRONE will be broadcast live on Wave Farm’s WGXC 90.7-FM in New York’s Upper Hudson Valley, streamed online at, and made available through the Wave Farm Radio app (iOS).


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24-HOUR DRONE is our season-opener each Spring. DRONER DONORS will help support 24 acts and roughly 100+ individual artists who participate in this immersive, communal endurance event. Your support helps us keep ticket prices low and accessible.

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Photos by Eric Harvey Brown and Julia Drummond