Saturday, April 25, 2020 – Sunday, April 26, 2020

12PM – 12PM


Presented by Basilica Hudson and Le Guess Who

Explore. Experiment. Exchange.

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Escape the tight hands of time in a long-form, endurance homage to sound. An all-encompassing, immersive event, 24-HOUR DRONE features musicians and sound artists experimenting with sustained tones, creating a full twenty-four hours of unbroken sound.

Droners are free to come and go over the twenty-four hours, but those who make the commitment to this long-duration work will be rewarded with the intangible feeling of meditative contentment, pure bliss, and communal collaboration.

Sound as Experience. Sound as Installation. Sound without the tight hands of Time. To honor sound in a space that enhances it and places it in a long-form time schedule that allows it to expand.


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24-HOUR DRONE is our season-opener each Spring. DRONER DONORS will help support 24 acts and roughly 100+ individual artists who participate in this immersive, communal endurance event. Your support helps us keep ticket prices low and accessible.

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Photos by Eric Harvey Brown and Julia Drummond