Saturday, April 25 – Sunday, April 26 2020

“An ocean will never separate us it will always connect us. Music is free and travels without being hindered by borders, differences or distances.” – NEVER TEMPLE (Toronto, CA + Amsterdam, NL)


This past weekend’s 24-HOUR DRONE was our very first foray into online music + sound events during these strange times. It was both a communal learning experience in what it means to “gather” online when “IRL” is not possible, as well as a communal healing process for many that left us feeling deeply connected while still apart.

About 1,768 people tuned into the Basilica DRONE site over the course of the weekend from over 15 different countries, plus thousands of additional listeners from our partners’ individual stream sites.

Everyone who participated in the online version of DRONE contributed as a part to a whole, and the result was a giant web of music + sound which overlapped in unexpected and beautiful ways. 

Some highlights:

🔭 Raven Chacon’s powerful set during Live from Quarantine, “made of DRONES, recorded as they hovered above Oceti Sakowin, thanksgiving weekend 2016.”

🔭 The participatory World Wide Tuning Meditation facilitated by Raquel Acevedo Klein of Music on the Rebound, IONE and Claire Chase from the Pauline Oliveros Trust and the International Contemporary Ensemble, when more than 400 people across the world sung together over a giant Zoom call

🔭 Droners collaborating across the world: Bogata + Ithaca (La Era Del Ruido), Toronto + Amsterdam (NEVER TEMPLE), Beirut + Sweden (LUMEN Project), NYC + also NYC (Thee Obsidian Gong)

🔭 An entire village in New Orleans blaring drone 

🔭 Various DRONE partners mixing in each other’s streams (Live from Quarantine w/ Automatic Aleatoric; IMPATV w/ Canadian Resonance Agency)

We are currently in the process of converting our online DRONE page into an archive, which listeners can visit and re-visit in perpetuity. CLICK HERE. Some streams are up now, with more to come in the next week.

Artists you may have missed from the DRONE WIDE WEB:

Helen Money deep cello from Chicago

Gleb Kanasevich clarinet parts/recorders/feedback/pipes and tubes 

Madeline Darby dark noise from Troy

NEVER TEMPLE the most soothing temple you’ve ever visited 

NewBorn Trio satisfying analog sounds of all kinds

Support future programs like 24-HOUR DRONE at Basilica by purchasing a recording of Gesture of Friendship: A Duet with the Building. This special 1-hour live DRONE performance of theremin + Basilica building sounds from last weekend is combined with slowed-down excerpts from Basilica’s first DRONE in 2015. It will be made available for streaming and lossless file download Friday, May 1 on Bandcamp, who are waiving their revenue shares yet again to support the worldwide community of music + sound makers who have lost much of their income due to CV-19. 

Basilica Hudson’s program and general operations rely almost entirely on the revenue from ticket sales and attendance at our large-scale public events. The postponement and cancelation of our upcoming programs due to CV-19 makes our ability to sustain and recover challenging. Basilica is a non-profit that delivers big dreams with a tiny and dedicated team. If you are able, please consider supporting us during this time by becoming a DRONER DONOR

Directly Support DRONE Artists

Additionally, consider supporting our DRONE artists and facilitators (many of whom performed or worked for free) through their Bandcamp accounts. Any music you purchase from them Friday, May 1 will support them directly:

Alex DeGroot // Alexander Turnquist // Ambient Fields // anabasine // Anastasia Clarke // Automatisme // Ben Seretan / Matt Evans (Thee Obsidian Gong) // Blue Crime / DOOMSQUAD / ZONES (NEVER TEMPLE) // Bonnie Kane // Brigitte Bardon’t // Budo Kiba Collective (stonefruit) // C Lavender // Cares (Canadian Resonance Agency) // Cave Music // CETACEA // Chris Masullo // Claire Chase / ICE / (The World Wide Tuning Meditation) // Claude + Ola // Colin Fisher // Corrector Records // Daniel Lauter // David Garland // Eric Fraser // eternalrealworld // Ethan Primason // Fog Spirits // Gambletron // Gleb Kanasevich // Godspeed You! Peter Andre (Svntreader + Fat Out Fest) // Golden Ratio Frequencies (IMPATV) // GUTTERBUTTER // Helen Money // Hotel Neon // Housekeys // Isn’t Ours // La Era Del Ruido // l’Artiste Ordinaire // LEUCROCUTA // Madeline Darby // Mark Trecka // Music Box Village // Neel Murgai // Notice Recordings // Payton MacDonald // Peter Aaron / Brian Chase // Raven Chacon // Rebecca Conran // Rebecca Foon // Reg Bloor // Retribution Body // RRB / RAGER (Live from Quarantine) // Serpentine Skies // Shawn Feeney // Snowbeasts // Sondra Sun-Odeon // Subchamber Ensemble (Lumen Project) // SVB (Gesture of Friendship: 100 Years Of The Theremin) // Sympathy for Astronauts (Automatic Aleatoric) // Teletextile // UXVAE // Wove // Ylang Ylang


“Healing can occur… when one’s inner experience is made manifest and accepted by others.”Pauline Oliveros

Artist Testimonials

“Living life through the screens in front of us is tragic, but only temporary. in the meantime all we can do is transcend through the matrix and continue to connect.”  -Madeline Darby (Troy, NY)

“At the end, I told everyone to “Keep On Doing, Don’t Stop” and then I went to go turn off the aleatoric machine, and I just couldn’t do it!   So now I feel like I have to keep this thing going.  I don’t know exactly what it will turn into but the Automatic Aleatoric website is not going away any time soon.  I’m not doing this out of ego or vanity but because it’s incredibly helpful to have something positive to focus on right now. So – off we go INTO INFINITY!” – Automatic Aleatoric (Charles G. Waldman, Chicago, IL)

“This was literally the first time I’ve ever live streamed any music and it was a really exciting and satisfying experience that I’m happy and honored to have been a part of. It lifted me out of a very dull, dark depressed place. I haven’t felt motivated to make any art since the quarantine life started a little over a month ago. But I had such a positive, uplifting experience partaking in this–even though I knew ZERO about livestreaming, y’all made it chill and easy.  And of course, the curation was excellent!” – Sondra Sun-Odeon (Los Angeles, CA)

“Thank you so much for coming together through the World Wide Tuning Meditation. It has been such a beautiful journey. Yesterday we reached voices across all 7 continents, including the Antarctic! We hope this marks the beginning of our global community and inspires you all to stay connected.” – Bridgid Bergin, International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE)



24-HOUR DRONE’s digital reworking would not be possible without the thoughtful curation and support of our international partners and friends:
Le Guess Who?, Netherlands // Lumen Project, Sweden // WGXC/Wave Farm, Hudson // Canada Resonance Agency, Montreal // Islington Mill Public Access TV, UK // Music Box Villiage, New Orleans // Automatic Aleatoric, Chicago // Music on the Rebound and Pauline Oliveros Trust, NYC // Notice Recordings, Kingston/New Orleans // Live From Quarantine, Hudson // Corrector Records, Minneapolis // Dustbunny, Philadelphia // The Lot Radio, NYC // Sayler/Morris, NY

Whether you converted your 24-HOUR DRONE ticket to a donation, exchanged your ticket for 24-HOUR DRONE 2021, or supported us with a standalone donation, your support is invaluable and we couldn’t do it without you.