From quadrophonic, doppler effect surround sound, to endurance tape loops and devotional dawn incantations, our fifth annual 24-HOUR DRONE: EXPERIMENTS IN SOUND AND MUSIC was everything we could have hoped for. Uplifting, buoyant and transformative, it was a homage to sound, a homage to the humanity of sharing space, and a homage to openness, willingness, generosity and stamina.

24-HOUR-DRONE is an incredibly powerful, collective endurance exercise in listening up and blissfully sitting still that – honestly – approaches holiness. One of the best and deepest ways to spend a weekend!
Ben Seretan, artist

Ben installed his 24-hour piece for guitar, My Life’s Work. To listen to the piece, dial in to Ben’s hotline at: 561.926.9741. The hotline operates 24/7 and was coded by Johann Diedrick

Is there anything like Basilica Hudson’s 24-HOUR DRONE? I can think of very few events that manage to embody the physical space in which they occur, reflect the character of a unique community, and manifest such a clear vision. 24-HOUR DRONE is one of my happy places. It’s church. It’s inspired me to pivot artistically, to rethink what I do and how to move through the world.

For anyone even casually interested in new ways to be involved with music and art, or the therapeutic potential of sound and space, and/ or new methods of presenting “experimental” music and sound art and performance: 24-HOUR DRONE is a look at better possible futures. 24 HR DRONE is a renewed sense of magic. 24-HOUR DRONE for you, is for the the people, is for all of us. It is joyfully, it inspires empathy. Bring the kids too, cos above all it’s a lot of fun.
Nathan Larson


A vocalized sound bath using Hudson’s historical/industrial timeline and fluctuations in population as a score.

“THANK YOU XOIR! For breathing in the history of our city and our factory, and returning it to us at DRONE sunrise sound bath”
Melissa Auf der Maur, Basilica Hudson Co-Founder and Director


THANK YOU to the DRONE devotees of Ars Poetica for their hand-typed note, for writing poetry beyond the lines, and for their 24-HOUR haiku review.


One of the beautiful things about 24-HOUR DRONE is its transient nature; first time collaborations, improvised pieces and experimentations exist in this space and this space only, transforming after the event into something more ephemeral in our collective memories.

That being said, our friends at Hudson’s community radio station WGXC captured the DRONES in their entirety, and dedicated DRONERS can listen to Wave Farm’s audio archive of the event here.

Thank you again. This is truly (in my humble opinion) the only remaining true counter culture. The real remnants of punk rock. I salute you for your time and effort to make this a reality for all us. It’s kind of the only festival I feel comfortable mingling amongst the crowd – mostly because my dream at most shows has always been to be able to lie down.
Jace Lasek, Welkom in de Blaak, artist


In 2020 Earth Day turns 50.
Basilica Hudson turns 10.
DRONE goes global.


24-HOUR DRONE would not be possible without the generous support and like-minded spirit of partners, collaborators and DRONER DONORS. Basilica Hudson is grateful for the support of the following friends and community partners:

Le Guess Who? // Second Ward Foundation // New Albion Records // WGXC // The Collaborative // Zone 6 Management // Lumen Project // BSP Kingston // Output Agency // Lumberyard // all DRONER DONORS