Located in the grounds of Basilica Hudson with the Catskill mountains as backdrop

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Basilica Hudson is honored to host Kris Perry’s large-scale, wind-powered sculpture Revolution for our 2017 season.

Just in time for the start of our 7th season, our friend, neighbor and frequent collaborator, sculptor / metal worker Kris Perry has installed a monumental kinetic sculpture, Revolution, on the southwest corner of the Basilica grounds. We are honored to host this work, a large-scale wind-powered steel behemoth. Check it out, especially at sunset, when its dramatic silhouette is framed by the brilliant Hudson River sky.

Learn more about Kris’ work here.

“Revolution started with the propellor. In fact, it is a fan-blade assembly salvaged from an industrial cooling tower. I came across the piece in a scrap yard in Northern California while working on another large-scale sculpture through the Voigt Family Sculpture Foundation. I disassembled the blades and drove the parts back to my studio in New York where I began re- furbishing them.
During my time in California I made friends with a wonderful man who was a veteran of Pearl Harbor. That friendship and the propellor-like nature of the fan combined as I developed the aesthetic of the sculpture. I studied fighter jets for inspiration, and the final grey color recalls both battle- ships and military planes.
Because I am an advocate of peace and find the devastation of war heart- breaking, I juxtapose this military reference with the grace and elegance of nature. As the top portion of the sculpture rotates through the breeze, we are reminded of an iconic farm structure, the weathervane. The bottom portion embodies a common theme in my work: It’s an architectural space which you can experience by walking through it.
While I accept that war has been a integral part of our history, it is my hope that we can transcend our violent past. As the sculpture dances with the wind, Revolution creates a site for reflection. I encourage viewers to take a moment and contemplate our shared future.”
-Kris Perry

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