We’re approaching the seventh annual Basilica Farm & Flea Holiday Market! At Basilica Farm & Flea Holiday Market, shoppers get the chance to connect with artisans in person, creating an important relationship between maker and buyer that has become increasingly rare.

Basilica only charges a modest application and tabling fee, AND participating vendors get to take home 100% of their sales. So, we count on support from individuals like you to make this market a sustainable event. Your donation directly supports the ongoing operations for the organization, and allows Basilica Hudson to continue to develop and present its community programs and partnerships. As Basilica’s largest event of the season, Farm & Flea helps underwrite our 30+ other programs, the majority of which are free or low cost.

But we need your help to keep this program, and all our programs, thriving.

Basilica Hudson has supported small businesses and independent voices since its founding in 2010, working to give them a platform to form long-lasting relationships with audiences, and other likeminded makers, from near and far. These strong community networks form the foundation of a sustainable local economy.

Please consider making a donation to aid Basilica Hudson’s efforts in supporting these vital members of our community. Your donation is a statement of action in strengthening our local economy!




“Farm & Flea is important to my business because it gives me the opportunity to connect directly with my customers and get their feedback about my collection in person. As a mostly online business, having that face-to-face connection is beyond valuable. I also met potential wholesale clients, which is an added bonus. Farm & Flea is also important to me personally because it gives me the space to connect with a fabulous community of fellow makers who have become friends.”
Judi Powers, Basilica Farm & Flea Vendor