Basilica Hudson is thrilled to continue our partnership with the New York International Children’s Festival to present three programs of inspiring short films!

A fresh season brings a fresh round of NYICFF Kid Flicks, amazing short film programs from around the world, sure to inspire delight, curiosity, and conversation for viewers big and small.

With animation, live action, and documentary films from 14 countries, NYICFF Kid Flicks programs open windows into the world, reflecting a diversity of styles, cultures, and themes that will give your family plenty of inspiration and conversation long after the programs are done.

Basilica is offering tickets at the lowest cost available through this joint program, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting Basilica directly. CLICK THE IMAGES BELOW TO GET YOUR TICKETS!

Films are available till December 31. After your purchase, you have 48 hours to stream. We thank you for your generosity and support!

Click the images below to get tickets through Basilica Hudson. Presented in partnership with New York International Children’s Film Festival.

A program of inspiring short films for ages 5+! NYICFF Kid Flicks One keeps the dynamic of work and play lively with tales from around the globe. Cat Lake City has you covered if you, like its loveable feline, feel like you just can’t catch a break in this hilarious tale of a hard-won vacay. But if you’re fortunate, you know that effort and fun can happily co-exist as they do in the short doc The Magic of Chess. Finally, meet another hard-worker who gets a little lost dawdling in the countryside in the beautifully hand-animated Boriya
58 mins., In English, no dialogue, or with brief English subtitles

A program of inspiring short films for ages 8+! Challenging expectations and reflecting growth and resilience, NYICFF Kid Flicks Two is a fantastic trip on the road to growing up. Surprises in a dumpling bring good luck, and many reflections, in the beautiful stop motion animation The Coin. In The One You Never Forget, a young teen tries to keep his first date under wraps, but his parents have other ideas. In Home Away 3000, a space traveller’s funky space van konks out on an unknown planet with plenty of surprises. 

64 mins., In English and other languages with English subtitles. 

Spanish language short films for ages 8+! NYICFF Viva Kid Flicks celebrates the best Spanish-language short films from around the globe. 

The brilliant Spanish-language tales in Viva Kid Flicks, with a range of kids’ perspectives, speak volumes in any tongue. NYICFF jury-award winner 3Feet kicks things off in style with Gonzalo, who tries his hilarious best to keep things clean to stay in the game; then orbit around Ailín and her mom, who work through love and challenges in the charming stop motion Ailin on the Moon. And see things grow curiouser and curiouser in a moving take on magical realism in the gorgeously filmed tale The Size of Things

65 mins., In Spanish with English subtitles.