This year, we are honored to have the work of Marianne Vitale, Emma Kohlmann, Taeyoon Choi and Jesse Draxler on display, transforming the building for Basilica SoundScape. Their installations will be inside and outside the festival, spilling into each area of the weekend, filling the Main Hall and grounds.

Marianne Vitale
Having previously exhibited her work at the Venice Biennale and New York City’s High Line, Marianne Vitale is widely acclaimed for her astonishing ability to occupy her exhibition space. For Basilica SoundScape, Vitale will transform Basilica Hudson’s rafters with a fleet of large-scale aluminium sculptures inspired by the classic paper airplane form. Adding to the theatre will be vintage parachutes to create a lush ‘ready-made’ backdrop curtain for the stage, where the sonic magicians take action.

Emma Kohlmann
Emma Kohlmann will be installing her latest series of work at the Basilica Soundscape Festival in Hudson, New York from September 15th -17th. On view, will be a comprehensive installation of watercolor paintings superimposed on top of illustrated wallpaper. The wallpaper will act concurrently as a newsprint zine for purchase. Kohlmann’s work blends figurative shapes taken from nature, erotic vases from antiquity, and primordial artifacts to create imagery of tension and expulsion. For instance leaves, the curvatures of stems, and petals begin to resemble figures in motion through sexual acts and longing embraces. Based in Western Massachusetts, Kohlmann is known for her watercolors and zines. She often explores gender and identity through ambiguity and sexual fluidity. Kohlmann is represented by V1 gallery in Copenhagen, and has exhibited work both nationally and internationally. She also will be participating in the New York Art Book from September 22nd to September 24th.

Jesse Draxler
Multidisciplinary artist Jesse Draxler will be curating a selection of 21 individual test collages on wood board, each measuring 11×14″ (attached images of 3.) These “test collages” are often created before starting on large scale panel works or murals in order to work out any kinks that may arise since they are produced in generally the same fashion as one another, just on much different scales. Draxler has exhibited internationally and has worked for clients including The New York Times and Alexander McQueen. A frequent collaborator within the music world, Draxler has created work for Prince, Chelsea Wolfe, Deafheaven and 2017 Basilica SoundScape artist Zola Jesus, among others. He will also have a 15×15″ print for sale, as well as premiering the latest in his series of hand screen-printed t-shirts and will have a 30-some page photo zine for sale through Sacred Bones.

Taeyoon Choi
Taeyoon Choi is an artist and educator based in New York and Seoul. He will lead Basilica SoundScape in a series of protest sign workshops, to help create personal protest signs that give voice to your thoughts and body to your message. Taeyoon Choi’s art practice involves performance, electronics, drawings, and installations that often leads to storytelling in public spaces. He’s published artists’ books including ‘Urban Programming 101’ and ‘Anti-Manifesto’ and presented collaborative performances at the Whitney Museum of American Art and Los Angeles County Museum of Art. He co-founded the School for Poetic Computation where he continues to teach.
Workshops will take place on Saturday at 3PM and Sunday at 11AM

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