Sunday, September 17 | 11AM – 5PM


The Triptych

Alongside our annual brunch and Mini-Farm & Flea marketplace of Hudson Valley makers, farmers, artists and chefs, this year will feature local artists coming together in performance, prayer, protest and peace.

Inspired and named after the middle track on Max Roach’s groundbreaking 1960 record We Insist! (Freedom Now), the event is FREE and has been organized by Joey De Jesus and Shanekia McIntosh

“There was a wind–this is always the start, the breath of chaos, the mouth against another’s, the overanimate inhabiting what would otherwise remain cool to the touch, unable to rouse itself to action. I said, I might die for lack. I said, I am so contained I am the container. I said, break me. There was possibility, which was itself an action. The breeze picked up. I felt the chaff lift from the wheat. The wide expanse of me widening even still as I was shaped. Then the lip of insistence, the air moved through a hollow, over tongue and tooth. And I, now, with a mouth to speak, openly moan as chaos reshapes itself in my own form, feel myself quicken to its will, itself in my hands.”- Creation Myth, Vievee Francis

Mini Farm & Flea

Check out Basilica SoundScape’s Mini Farm & Flea marketplace, as a select group of regional artists, makers, farmers, collectors and chefs pop up to share their work.

If you like what you see you, may want to return for the big sister holiday market, the Basilica Farm & Flea Holiday Market, which takes place Thanksgiving Weekend. With Basilica Farm & Flea, we dedicate our entire 10,000 square feet to celebrating our regional small business owners who always prove to be amazingly innovative entrepreneurs in Agriculture, Design, & Craft.

Brunch with Alimentary Kitchen

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