September 16 – 18

A Weekend of Music + Art

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$75 Weekend Pass
$125 Weekend Pass + Camping
$40 Day Music Pass
$30 Day Camping Pass
$60 Weekend Camping Pass
$60 Student / Senior Discount Weekend Pass


6:30 The Utter Nots
7:00 Mary Lattimore
7:30 Deantoni Parks
8:15 Youth Code
9:00 Xylouris White
10:00 Angel Olsen
11:00 Wolves in the Throne Room

5:30 Amber Tamblyn
5:50p Saviour Self
6:25 Hank Wood & The Hammerheads
7:05 Uniform
7:50 Deradoorian
8:40 Cobalt (Main Hall)
9:30 Genesis P-Orridge & Edley O’Dowd
10:00 Bell Witch
11:00 Explosions in the Sky

Sunday, September 18th // Brunch + Marketplace 11 AM – 4 PM // FREE ENTRY
Featuring Nicole LoBue of Alimentary Kitchen serving a spectacular morning feast, accompanied by a Mini Basilica Farm & Flea. Free entry, family-friendly, rain or shine and open to all.

Basilica SoundScape, the weekend of music + art that’s been called “one of the more adventurously curated and intimate programs in the NY area” has revealed this year’s line up, info on Sunday Brunch + Marketplace and more! We are pleased to announce the three participating visual artists for this year’s SoundScape weekend, with site specific works by NY-based sculptor Cal Lane, sex-psyche Illustrator Heather Benjamin, and set designer Lisa Laratta. Co-curated by Brandon Stosuy (The Creative Independent), Brian DeRan (Leg Up! Management), Melissa Auf der Maur and Tony Stone (Basilica Hudson), Basilica SoundScape is a carefully curated two-day event that’s been called “the anti-festival” for offering a thoughtful mix of music, visual art, and literature.

“We are so excited about this year’s Basilica SoundScape, our fifth weekend devoted to music + art in our industrial church.” said Melissa Auf der Maur, Basilica Hudson Co-Founder and Director. “It is a very HEAVY line up, lots of loud guitars to match the scale and grit of our industrial factory, and as always we are striving to create an immersive pilgrimage to the Hudson Valley, where rural, industrial and urban collide. Dive into exceptional local food, freaky pop-ups of one of a kind things, camping, Hudson River School sunsets, and of course the delightfully haunted City of Hudson!”

We are proud to be aligned with the unveiling of The Creative Independent, an ad-free website that serves as an oral history of the creative process, featuring people working in music, books, film, and art, among other disciplines. TCI is supported by Kickstarter, and led by returning co-curator Brandon Stosuy, who is Editor-in-Chief of this new site.

“In my mind, The Creative Independent shares the same values as Basilica Soundscape—BSS is a small, carefully curated, multidisciplinary event focused more on artists than ad revenue. This seems unique to me, as far as festivals go…especially in 2016. It’s the same kind of ethos we’re espousing with The Creative Independent—we’re focusing on people, art, and ideas…not clicks. We see TCI as a real oral history, not something disposable or cheap,” added Brandon Stosuy, Editor-in-Chief, The Creative Independent.


Every year we have invited a very serious visual artist to activate our building at SoundScape. This year we have crafted an all-female counterpoint to the epic masculine weight of years passed, presenting the work of three women: Cal Lane, Lisa Laratta and Heather Benjamin, whose installations will be inside and outside, spilling into each area of the weekend, filling the Main Hall and grounds, added Auf der Maur. We are honored to be collaborating with many friends on these projects: Kristen Dodge, who has just opened the new SEPTEMBER gallery here in Hudson, on the project with Cal Lane; SoundScape devotee and Sacred Bones label head Caleb Braaten brought in Heather Benjamin; and headliners Explosions in the Sky introduced us to their collaborator Lisa Laratta. We are excited to invite a trilogy of women to try something very different in our space once again.

In past years, visiting artists featured have included Hudson-based artist and welder Kris Perry who brought his industrial-sized sound making MACHINES in 2012; in 2013 Matthew Barney presented an interactive music experience in collaboration with Jonathan Bepler, featuring Julianna Barwick, Evian Christ, Pig Destroyer, and Pharmakon; in 2014 Sterling Ruby created backdrops inspired by the space and his love of weekend-closer Swans; and last year Dan Colen expanded upon his tar and feather series, creating and displaying the massive paintings in the building.


unknown copy
Image Credit: Tim Reinke

Kristen Dodge and Cal Lane first worked together in Boston in 2008, and are thrilled to be collaborating again for Lane’s installation at Basilica, Hudson during SoundScape. Working with the raw architecture of the factory’s steel beams and industrial artifacts, Lane will install her rusted and cut i-beams, oil barrels, and steel drums. Installed both in the Basilica’s main room and an outside site, Lane’s plasma cut forms will integrate and disrupt. Custom lighting will cast laced shadows, blurring the viewer’s sense of the interior and exterior of the objects themselves, and of the surrounding context. The topics of her forms are panties, Persian rugs, and dancing devils.

Lane incises industrial objects with clashing, detailed imagery that recalls maps, medieval tapestries, architectural ornamentation, and bodily adornment. Notable works include I-beams cut into towers of lace, wheelbarrows converted into intricate doilies, a crushed automobile transmuted into patterned drapery, ammunition boxes split open and amended with narrative, and most recently oil tanks donned with laced panties. Lane often characterizes her work as industrial doilies rigorously and humorously demonstrating a “tasteless relationship of images.” She is interested in toying with oppositions, depleting the functionality of implicated objects and repositioning them as sites of aesthetic play.

“I am drawn to the relationships of industrial and domestic, as well as the physical and mental properties of strong and delicate, masculine and feminine, practical and frivolity, ornament and function. Lace intrigues me- its associations of hiding and exposing at the same time; like a veil to cover, or lingerie to reveal. It also introduces a kind of humor through the form of unexpected relationships, like a wrestler in a tutu. The absurdity of having opposing extremist stances prompts reaction and not rational understanding; the rational discussion arises in the search for how one thing defines the other by its proximity.” — Cal Lane


Image Credit: Heather Benjamin, Cover Artist-made Book of, Romantic Story, 2015.

The art of Heather Benjamin defines “explicit” not merely as the graphic depiction of sex and sexuality, but also as a commitment to being upfront about the psychic nature——and the emotional complications——of these things. 
–Adult Mag, Interview Heather Benjamin and Sean T. Collins


SoundscapeDiagonal WEB
Image Credit: Lisa Laratta, SoundScape Model, 2016

Much of my artistic work explores the mind, imagination, memory and dream worlds. I strive to create stage architecture that suggests imaginary spaces: unreal landscapes where our collective memories overlap. I use colour, texture, materiality, space, form, rhythm and time to tell a story, to ask questions, to attempt connections, and to grasp at the beautiful and the elusive.
–Lisa Laratta


Genesis Breyer P-Orridge!

Amber Tamblyn!

For the third year in a row, BSS presents immersive spoken word performances. This year will feature Genesis Breyer P-Orridge and Amber Tamblyn, both of whom will also participate in live conversations with The Creative Independent. Past participants have included Richard Hell, Holly Anderson & Chris Brokaw, Dorothea Lasky, Ariana Reines, Sarah Jean Alexander, Meredith Graves, Mira Gonzalez, and Mish Way.


Kiln Films is a video installation series inside Basilica’s former forge and foundry brick kiln. This weekend, Kiln Films honors the life and work of Tony Conrad with Outlier, a selected screening series of Conrad’s films and videos, curated by two former students (at SUNY Buffalo) and friends of Tony: David Gracon and Basilica Hudson partner Brandon Stosuy. Conrad passed away on April 9th, 2016 at the age of 76.

“Tony Conrad is one the great American artists of our time, yet to the world at large he remains criminally under appreciated.  Since the early 1960s, Conrad’s films and compositions have been the stuff of legend for artists and musicians everywhere. His vast, interdisciplinary repertoire has single-handedly created and influenced major film and compositional movements.” (Description taken from the promotions for the documentary Tony Conrad: Completely in the Present.)


Eliza Coolidge and Bianca Hildenbrand’s interactive music / sound sculpture project, Things You Do Seldom, is open for the duration of the weekend in the Gallery Building.


Brunch by Alimentary Kitchen

From 11 AM – 4 PM and FREE ENTRY

Featuring Nicole LoBue of Alimentary Kitchen, in addition to exceptional dinner for purchase over the weekend, she will be offering a spectacular morning feast. The brunch will be accompanied by a mini Basilica Farm & Flea – a preview of Basilica’s annual weekend marketplaces showcasing a collection of quality products presented by a diverse group of regional makers, farmers, and vintage collectors. Promoting the talents and resources within our community, Sunday’s happenings are free entry, family-friendly, rain or shine and open to all.

Basilica Hudson is proud to collaborate anew with Alimentary Kitchen in creating a one-of-a-kind culinary experience for Basilica SoundScape that is wholly original, full of flavor, sourced from local farms and beautifully made. Alimentary Kitchen will be serving dinner throughout Friday and Saturday programming as well as a Sunday brunch.

Basilica SoundScape attendees will have a chance to browse the cool and unconventional at our pop-up shop on Friday and Saturday nights.




Far from a typical music festival, Basilica SoundScape features live concert performances, conceptual sound performances, author readings, installations, collaborations, curated local vendors and artisans, on-site activities and more, creating an immersive, innovative weekend of art, music, and culture. Basilica SoundScape 2016 will feature a lineup of some to the most innovative and genre-pushing musicians, visual artists, and writers working today, with unique collaborations across disciplines.  Past talent includes Richard Hell, Gamelan Dharma Swara, Tim Hecker, Swans, Matthew Barney, Gang Gang Dance, Liturgy, Julianna Barwick, Dan Colen, Sterling Ruby, HEALTH, Perfume Genius, Pharmakon, Guardian Alien, Deafheaven, Jenny Hval, and The Haxan Cloak.

Visit for more information about SoundScape.