Sundance Shorts + Northern Lights


BASILICA SCREENINGS is a film series that presents an array of works from new and repertory narrative features, documentaries, experimental films, to video and media art, as well as guest curated programs, often with filmmakers and special guests in attendance for a discussion following the screenings. Programmed by Basilica Hudson’s film curator Aily Nash, and creative directors Melissa Auf der Maur and Tony Stone.

All films begin at 8 pm and are $5-10 sliding scale, unless otherwise noted.

Thursday, September 19
SUNDANCE SHORTS, 2013, total program 93 min.

Thursday, September 26 – 9 PM
NORTHERN LIGHTS, John Hanson & Rob Nilsson, 1978, 95 min.


2013, total program 93 min.

A roller coaster mix of drama and comedy, the Sundance Film Festival Short Films program is a 93-minute collection of eight short films from the 2013 edition of the Festival. Vibrant storytelling highlights the group, including fiction, documentary and animation, with five award-winners. With no rules, the short film serves as a proving ground for young filmmakers to make their mark and for established filmmakers to take risks in story and style. Includes THE DATE, Jenni Toivoniemi (Short Film Jury Award: International Fiction), and WHIPLASH, Damien Chazelle (Short Film Jury Award: US Fiction), and SKINNINGROVE, Michael Almereyda (Short Film Jury Award: Non-Fiction).

Special thanks to Mike Plante, Sundance Film Festival programmer and BasilicaScope programmer.

Image: SKINNINGROVE, Michael Almereyda.

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John Hanson & Rob Nilsson, 1978, 95 min.

“One of the founding gestures of the revival of independent American filmmaking in the late 1970s.”  – Dave Kehr, The New York Times.

Camera d’or 1979 Cannes Film Festival.

Northern Lights dramatizes the story of the North Dakota farmers who founded the Nonpartisan League in the early 1900s. The League, one of the most successful, and little known, Populist movements in US history, was organized by immigrant Scandinavian homesteaders, was not aligned with either Democrat or Republican parties, and existed on a platform of Socialist values in opposition to the monopolization and control exerted over their labor by bankers and suppliers. Framed as the reminiscences of Henry Martinson, the 94-year-old (at the time of filming) real-life Nonpartisan League labor leader, Northern Lights illustrates the forgotten history of the pioneer workers of the prairies—men and women who organized, in the American tradition, for their rights and fair practices.

An Artists Public Domain/Cinema Conservancy Release