In 2020, Basilica Hudson turns 10. To celebrate this important milestone, we’re opening up our archive to share highlights from the last decade of championing independent and innovative voices. 

Our BASILICA TEN campaign will feature tributes, audio/video footage and photography of past visiting creatives and programs to reflect on moments that have shaped Basilica, offering a window into the past to help define our future. This moment of PAUSE in our world offers much time for reflection and opportunity for change. 

As we revisit the wide range of musicians, writers, dancers, artists, filmmakers, activists and makers who have left their mark on Basilica, we’ll also celebrate their current work to support them during this challenging time for creatives and creative institutions alike.  BASILICA TEN is a way to keep us connected, celebrating and supporting each other.

“We are reflecting on the past in order to learn from it and make a better future. The City of Hudson, the culture of our world and the state of our planet has changed so much since we began, and so have we,” says Co-Founder and Director Melissa Auf der Maur. “This time of local and global challenge is daunting, but it also has the power to dismantle systems and build new ones.”

Basilica Community in a social distancing era: 

Throughout our history, Basilica has thrived on in-person communal exchange. While we’re apart, and as we adapt and grow in this new era, we’re grateful for the opportunity to share this retrospective and reflection with our global community, connected online across many different platforms. We will include a deeper exploration of our history across our social media channels, as well as in our newsletter and on our website. 

Follow us @basilicahudson to join us on the journey. To kick off our BASILICA TEN campaign, we’re asking you to share your favorite Basilica memories and tag us in your photos, using #BASILICATEN.

“A cavernous, cathedral-like building that feels simultaneously historical and futuristic, an emblem of the area’s industrial past juxtaposed against an ancient backdrop of mountains, river and forest.” – The Guardian 

Sharing your memories with us is a deep form of support and celebration of what we have done together in the last ten years. As a nonprofit, we deliver big dreams with a tiny and dedicated team. The majority of our revenue comes directly from ticket sales for events, which we haven’t been able to host this year. We know we are not alone in experiencing the impact of this crisis, but if you have the ability to donate anything at all, we sincerely thank you.