The Hudson Valley is a hotbed of inspired and energetic people, and we frequently open our doors for special events. Among many others, we have hosted an annual literary festival, a teen theatre troupe, environmental advocacy lectures, local business expos, an amateur martial arts competition, a festival in honor of the ramp wild onion and an indoor ice skating rink.

Basilica Farm & Flea is our largest annual event, bringing over 6,000 visitors and holiday shoppers to Hudson over Thanksgiving Weekend and in early May for our Spring Market. Basilica Farm & Flea showcases the talents and resources of our region, featuring quality products by farmers, makers and vintage collectors.

We enjoy an ongoing partnership with Kite’s Nest, a learning resource center housed in Basilica’s gallery building. Kite’s Nest is a non-profit organization dedicated to curiosity, inquiry and social justice, providing educational programs for local children and

Co-presented with the Community of Literary Magazines and Presses, Read & Feed celebrates reading, writing, cooking, farming, eating and drinking.

In the spirit of celebrating and giving a platform to the glorious agriculture and food-makers of our region, we announce the start of our very own Chef-in-Residence program with none other than Nicole LoBue of Alimentary Kitchen. Through her many years working as a chef in the Bay Area to her time spent as Co-Director of our sister organization Kite’s Nest (located on Basilica’s campus), to the countless hours she and her team have spent cooking for the masses during Basilica events (from season 1 onward!), Nicole’s range and depth of experience as a culinary master and educator is hard to beat.

Nicole will be spending this year implementing some new ideas for programs, and activating her community of makers, healers and designers to create new food-related programs and educational offerings at Basilica.

Basilica is honored and filled with excitement over Wild Gather’s upcoming spring awakening and inhabitation / transformation of our Psychic Green Trailer, breathing new love and life into a relic of our waterfront’s industrial past. Wild Gather is a Hudson-based herb school offering a five month foundational herbal program, and additional workshops and events facilitated by Lauren Giambrone, Nicole LoBue and Mandana Boushee.

The program speaks to their mutual desire to continue and maintain the integrity and soul of the tradition of Herbalism. Their mission is to support folks in building connections with plants and their many habitats. Their work is rooted in the time-honored practice of gathering and growing herbs. They honor the medicine, food, fiber, and teachings from the plants that grow around and beside us. They wish to simultaneously nurture our unique bioregion and culture here in the Hudson Valley, while empowering folks to delve into their own ancestral and intuitive medicinal ways.

They weave Social and Health Justice themes into their work as Herbalists and exercise its use as a political tool. They aim to create a safe, dynamic, and accessible foundational space for all to gather in their learning of Herbalism and self care. Wild Gather will be hosting workshops, pop up events, herbal hangouts, and essentially, a way to gather and unite around Herbalism, plants and self care, all at Basilica’s Green Trailer.

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