Basilica Farm & Flea is inspired by the abundance of passionate and talented farmers, collectors and artisans in the Hudson Valley.  Farm-fresh food is a rich and important part of the region, and offering a wide array of local delicacies to Basilica Hudson event attendees is an integral element to each event.

A sumptuous assortment of farm-to-table eats will be available in our food court from Basilica’s resident chef Nicole Lobue of Alimentary Kitchen and Ruby and Sather Duke of Raven and Boar.

Specially crafted cocktails will be available for purchase at the Farm & Flea bar thanks to Fish & Game, while Irving Farm Coffee Roasters return with their espresso machine in tow. Meanwhile, Brooklyn Oyster Party will be making their Farm & Flea debut, serving oysters sourced from the most pristine and coldest water.