The Bunker Hudson Valley

July 8


Early Bird $25

First Release $35

General Admission $45

After their debut Hudson Valley event presenting Eris Drew and Octo Octa’s T4T Luv NRG Soundsystem world premiere back in November, The Bunker New York is back with a major event in Basilica Hudson’s Main Hall.

20 years ago The Bunker New York started as an event series on New York’s then-gritty Lower East Side. Shortly thereafter, it also opened its own booking agency. In 2014 it also became a record label to provide an outlet for the work of friends, party-goers and visiting artists. Over the years, The Bunker NY has grown into an established non-profit institution which is well known for its steady output of high quality releases and its reputation as one of North America’s finest event series.

Housed in a solar powered, reclaimed 1880s industrial factory, Basilica Hudson is an absolutely gorgeous nonprofit multidisciplinary art center located in Hudson NY. We feel quite honored to be presenting this event there.

In the spirit of this collaboration between The Bunker and Basilica Hudson, we’ll be presenting three b2b sets in the Main Hall.

AceMo and DJ SWISHA, alongside their frequent collaborators MoMa Ready and Kush Jones, have completely taken the world by storm in recent years. They’re both extremely prolific in the studio, with a rapid fire stream of albums and EPs released on their Bandcamps. From their show on The Lot radio to festivals and clubs around the world, they’ve been inescapable, and for good reason! When they get together, the set is always special and more or less everything is on the table: techno, house, rap, footwork, juke, Jersey Club, drum-n-bass, and more.

After 20 years of hard work in the NYC underground dance music scene, Analog Soul have been really getting their due in recent years. Their ability to bring many genres together into a cohesive jacking set has made them crowd favorites, appearing nearly every weekend in Brooklyn’s hottest venues in addition to recent sets at Panorama Bar, Waking Life, and Glastonbury. 

Opening the room we have two of the Hudson Valley’s most exciting DJs, Sister Zo and Scotia. Sister Zo is The Bunker’s rising star and a 3024 and Scuffed Recordings artist. We’re thrilled to bring back Scotia, who appeared in our Going In room at our last Basilica event, in addition to nearly 100 gigs in the Hudson Valley in 2022. These two have never collaborated on a set before!

Speaking of the Going In room, it will once again return to the Gallery space. Going In is a sub-label of The Bunker New York, dedicated to long-form musical compositions geared towards meditation, plant medicine ceremonies, psychedelic therapy, yoga, massage, or simply spacing out and going inside yourself. The Going In room is a quiet space welcoming your retreat from the dancefloor whenever you need a break. Longtime Bunker friend and frequent Going In collaborator Nyhne will be playing a durational set that incorporates live and DJ elements. Community Rave Network’s Luv Bruvs aka SVB and Villi Manilli will be holding down the room for the rest of the night.

We’re bringing in a full production with a custom sound system by White Rabbit Audio, and lights and lasers by Nitemind. We’ll also have delicious food by Local 111 and a stocked bar.

We are proud to partner with StockadeFaire, an annual free, cool, community event taking place in the Uptown Stockade area of Kingston, NY on September 30.  Local Uptown businesses come together to highlight their thriving creative community. Featuring curated live musicians by Impact Artists, DJ’s, House of Yes, Eli Goldstein’s Unicorn Disco for Tots, shops, restaurants, Kids Farm area and a caravan of makers from Phoenicia Flea. 

For everyone’s well being, we’re bringing in a safer spaces team to hold space for the community and keep the vibes on point. The Bunker dance floor is for all of us. We don’t tolerate the kinds of behaviors that tell already marginalized people that they aren’t welcome or that their bodies aren’t safe. Consensual touch, respect for personal space, and being gentle with others’ mental states are all ways that members of The Bunker express that collective care and safety are necessary for a good party! We don’t permit leering, commenting about others’ bodies, following people, taking photos or videos without consent, or other types of disrespectful or dehumanizing behavior – and being intoxicated enough that you can’t engage with these agreements is no excuse for harmful behavior and won’t be tolerated at our events.

We suggest familiarizing yourself with our values and code of conduct before attending the party:

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Artist accommodations provided by the Wick.