Mad Hatters’ Parade 2022

May 7


On May 7th the Mad Hatters’ Parade returns to Hudson! The parade begins at the Library and ends with a procession through Basilica Hudson.

The Mad Hatters’ Parade is a community-built wearable-art procession, open to anyone who wants to join, bringing together Hudson’s diverse communities in a shared spectacle of the nonsensical. We step off at 2pm from the Hudson Area Library and end with a riverside sashay at Basilica Hudson.

Come out and join us! Bring your mad hats and headdresses, body-extensions and puppets, and homemade instruments and assemblages in any form! This year, in consideration of your fellow Hatters, you must wear a mask, which you are free to accessorize, adorn, and artify to your heart’s content. Our Mad Hat Marshals will be there to insure everyone has plenty of room to safely distance as we dance.Learn more at