Jupiter Nights: mmeadows/Kendra McKinley

July 13



At the Basilica Gallery Building 
108 South Front Street, Hudson, NY 12534 (right next to the main building on our campus)

Food by Local 111

$12 Advance / $15 Day-of-Show

Discount available to Hudson locals. Email info@basilicahudson.org to get the code

Jupiter Nights – Basilica’s summer series of intimate art/music events in our Gallery space – returns for another night of celestial gatherings.

July 13 features the tender, sophisticated electronic pop of Brooklyn duo mmeadows and the funky guitar and powerful vocal loops of Catskill musician Kendra McKinley.


Intimacy rears its powerful head in the world of mmeadows. A true collaborative duo, Kristin Slipp and Cole Kamen-Green complement and balance one another in a way that speaks to the depth of their musical connection. On the auditory spectrum, the sounds they create are purposefully close and exposed. From the first seconds of “By Design,” the first song on NYC-based mmeadows’ first full-length Light Moves Around You, the warped and fluid chord progression holds your hand as you step onto the boat, lets you get your sea legs, and by twelve seconds in pulls you tight with a moment of total silence. This music allows you in unapologetically, which is intimate as hell.

Kristin is a member of Dirty Projectors, with writing credit on their 2020 release 5 EPs. Cole, as a sought-after instrumentalist, has crafted horn parts collaboratively with Beyonce, arranged and recorded for Harry Styles and Diana Ross, and performed with Laurie Anderson.

Kendra McKinley

Kendra McKinley paints on her clothes and makes music for smoking weed with your bra off.