Jupiter Nights: The Burning Sun // Blue Ranger (solo) // Jessica Chappe & Annie Reynolds (visual art)

November 10


At the Basilica Gallery Building 
108 South Front Street, Hudson, NY 12534 (right next to the main building on our campus)

Visual art exhibit opening reception by Hudson artists Jessica Chappe and Annie Reynolds

Basilica Hudson’s Jupiter Nights series in the Gallery Building welcomes The Burning Sun and Blue Ranger (solo) for a night of rhythmic melodies and atmospheric guitar. This show is also the opening for our newest visual art exhibit by Hudson artists Jessica Chappe and Annie Reynolds.

Blue Ranger

Sammy Maine, Goldflake Paint: Here to remind us that there are small moments of magic in the everyday, Albany’s Blue Ranger create subtle, melodious stories that ruminate on universal introspection. “Saving a Beauty” their follow-up to 2016’s “Actual Food“ is a collection of soft-focused folk that celebrates the beauty in our uncertainties with an existential flair. Written while on the road in the summer of 2017, there’s an ever-evolving, thoughtful prose that is akin to frontman Joshua F. Marré’s insatiable appetite for stories bigger than himself. This obsession with fictitious prose seeps through to Saving a Beauty, where candid, autobiographical tales dance among a wealth of imaginary characters.

The Burning Sun

The Burning Sun is a psych-rock trio from Burlington, VT (unceded Abenaki territory). Katy Hellman is the band’s primary songwriter and the powerful voice at the center of their artistic vision. Working closely with Steven LeBel and Bo Malcolm, their collaboration reflects their eclectic influences. The New Pornographers, REM, and The Cranberries all serve as important touchstones, but the resulting songs are in a world of their own. Unpredictable melodies, intricate rhythm changes and atmospheric guitar tones capture elements of psych and prog; however, the band derives its signature sound from Hellman’s soaring vocal delivery. The Burning Sun lays bare the grandness (and absurdity) of being alive; the explosive highs and chaotic lows. Bursting with personality and conviction, their music urges us to never lose sight of life’s possibilities.

Jessica Chappe & Annie Reynolds (visual art)

Reimagining the function of blueprints as used by architects, engineers, and urban planners to design the constructed landscape, Hudson as Muse artists in residence Jessica Chappe and Annie Reynolds have created a series of cyanotype portraits with an assemblage materials and reflections of Hudson-area residents’ questions and experiences. Each Hudson-resident collaborator will receive a scan of their portrait.

The cyanotype process–a photographic method using sunlight exposure to develop prints in various blue hues–is an action of transformation, imagination, and composition created with both manufactured and natural elements. The layering of these elements reflects the overlapping individual, social, and environmental factors that make up the lived experience of– and questions inherent to–place.