Free Columbia Art Dispersal

June 26

12PM – 6PM

Outdoor Art Dispersal with work by Laura Summer and Patricia Lynch featuring art trailers by Woody End Tables
Rain date June 27

ART DISPERSAL is a form of supporting artists that allows people to have original art work in their homes while de-commodifying art.

Art pieces will be on display outside on Basilica Hudson’s campus. You may choose a piece, take it home, live with it for as long as you like and make a contribution. If at some time you no longer want to keep the work you may pass it along to someone else or return it to the artist. Contributions support the artists and Free Columbia.

Preview the artwork ahead of time HERE.

For more information go to or contact Laura Summer 518 672 7302

Free Columbia began in 2009 as a community-supported, community-oriented, cultural and educational initiative. It is located in the heart of Columbia County, New York, in the post-industrial village of Philmont. Free Columbia has developed full-time, residential programs for adults in the fields of social theory, studio and performing arts, and nature studies. The heart of the initiative is the cultivation of art, aesthetic education, contemplative inquiry, and action research in a spirit of independence and accessibility.