FIREDANCE!: A Selection of First Nation Stories

May 21

Presented by Diata Diata International Folkloric Theatre and the Mental Health Association of Columbia and Greene Counties

Friday, May 21 at 7PM | Saturday, May 22 at 7PM | Sunday, May 23 at 5PM

Please note: capacity is limited to 100 people according to NYS guidelines.

Through the affectionate retelling of cherished folktales, FIREDANCE! celebrates the marvelous way indigenous people of this region, and throughout this country, were able to live in harmony with their natural world.  Their deep and abiding respect for elements of nature, transcends generational values, as a basic foundation of society.

Here, we honor the Haudenosaunee: People of the Longhouse, while making reference to their many contemporaries throughout the continent of North America. Although millions were eliminated during their struggle to maintain, the essential of their presence is still felt, and thus they have survived!

FIREDANCE! is a call to regenerate and renew the fire within, that always seeks to remain a vital source to energize, and spark the memory of ancient stories, dances, of everyday life, and the passion of a great people who are not forgotten. And, who still seek redemption for all those who yearn for truth and equity.


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