24-HOUR DRONE: Experiments in Sound and Music

Sound as Experience. Sound as Installation. Sound without the tight hands of time. 24-HOUR DRONE: Experiments in Sound and Music this weekend, Sat April 29 @ noonSun April 30 @ noon.…

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Basilica Farm & Flea Spring Market

Farmers, artisans, vintage collectors, chefs and makers of handmade goods will converge at the annual Basilica Farm & Flea Spring Market Sat, May 6 and Sun, May 7, the perfect way to jump into Spring to find an extraordinary array of local, vintage and handmade objects, representing the abundance and splendor of the Hudson Valley. …

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Spring in our 2K square foot exhibition space features the talent of local artists and Hudson-As-Muse, taking a page from Sonia Ruscoe and Elbert Perez’s Hudson Alt-Herstory mural from last fall.

Wet Wood
A show by Basilica Hudson March Artist in Residence Tristan Schipa
Exhibition viewing hours: 12pm – 5pm Saturday April  8 / 12pm – 5pm Sunday April 9

“What would taking seriously the Chinese adage that the Cosmos is composed of two basic things — water and money — look like?  …

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Announcing our 2017 Season!

Our 7th season is upon us at our old factory down by the river.  The zoomed-out world is a strange place.  Be that as it may, the zoomed-in mighty microcosm of Hudson — and Basilica standing within it — teems with artists and activists, farmers and chefs, makers and doers.

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Part 3 of 4. For a short review of our whole season, please click here.

Six years in, we were excited to host our first official visual artist-in-residence, who contributed in many ways — curation, one-of-a-kind event merch, tattoos (!) — to our 2016 season.

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2016: Our Year in Review

Ah 2016, what a year it was…

We introduced three brand-new Film + Media screening series alongside the return of our summer flicks; Music reverberated louder and longer than ever in our industrial church; Art of all disciplines from all walks of life was on view and ready for interaction; and we redoubled our dedication towards our Food + Community,  supporting environmental and economical sustainability.

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Save the dates for 2017

Save the dates for our 2017 annual programs

24-HOUR DRONE: EXPERIMENTS IN SOUND AND MUSIC — Saturday, April 29 – Sunday, April 30
Basilica Farm & Flea Spring Market — Saturday, May 6 – Sunday, May 7
(FREAK) FLAG DAY — Saturday, June 10
Summer Screening Series — June / July / August
Basilica SoundScape — September 15, 16 + 17
Basilica Non-Fiction Screening Series — September / October / November
Basilica Farm & Flea Holiday Market — November 24, 25 + 26

Photo by Eric Harvey Brown

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Winter Walk this Saturday in Hudson

Saturday, December 3, 2016 | 4PM

Open to the public | FREE!




Basilica Hudson is excited to be the launch pad for the Unsilent Night procession!

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Winter Walk, the Hudson Opera House is very proud to present the Hudson-debut of Unsilent Night, a magical community musical parade composed by Phil Kline.…

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Look for more events in the future!