Tuesday, August 1st | 6PM

In partnership with Chronogram, Riverkeeper, Scenic Hudson and JSA Financial Group

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The latest instalment of the Chronogram Conversations series offers a social and networking opportunity to those keen to discuss the future of our River.

Chronogram Conversations is a monthly event that follows our editorial calendar, visiting the villages and towns in the region we call home. Invited attendees are community leaders, influencers and creative types who are eager to discuss prominent, local issues and present ways to move forward. It’s a friendly environment, and a FREE event.

The Hudson River is the nation’s largest Superfund site, running for almost 200 miles from Hudson Falls, NY to NYC, because of General Electric.

GE dumped over a million pounds of toxic PCBs into the River between 1947 and 1977. Now, EPA and GE are trying to walk away from their PCB cleanup effort before the job is done.

Comments to EPA on the future of the Hudson River cleanup are due on September 1st.

Drinks and food will be provided. Event partner Riverkeeper will update on the state of the PCB cleanup in the Hudson River, followed by the regular salon series panel discussion on community and progress. We will be joined by City of Hudson Mayor Tiffany Martin Hamilton and Assemblymember Didi Barrett.

Visit Riverkeeper and Scenic Hudson for more information about the health of the Hudson.

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