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Open to the public in tandem with 2018’s Basilica Farm & Flea Holiday Market and by appointment until the beginning of December, Basilica Hudson’s Psychic Green Trailer will host nature photography – an installation by artist Marka Kiley.

Marka Kiley currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. She has participated in group exhibitions curated by sculptor Marianne Vitale and gallerist and curator Helena Anrather. Her first solo exhibition, squeeze finger only not hand, was curated by artist Maia Ruth Lee at Pray 4 This Gallery in May. Kiley’s work examines violence from the action and reaction of particles in the cosmos to the more observable expression of violence and suffering in humans and their interactions over great spans of time. Often appropriating cultural indecis of violence, her work considers past solutions to cruelty and human suffering and the troublesome solutions currently in place. The sculptures point viewers to an absurd and dystopian solution and implicate them in the thought experiment. Throughout November, Kiley will be working on a series of sculptures using different substrates informed by this ongoing survey of human interaction, violence, and the past, present, and future solutions to suffering.

Tony Stone, Co-Founder of Basilica Hudson, preserved the former Hudson Handling trailer on Basilica’s property as a relic of Hudson’s industrial past. The trailer has evolved into a location for a site-specific artist-in-residency project, directly informing the work made during time spent inside the trailer.

Playing off of roadside attractions and reconstructed historical landmarks meant to display evidence of important past events as if the figure has just vanished (e.g., Thomas Edison’s desk), the objects in the Psychic Green Trailer have been re-contextualized as artifacts from a future or parallel dimension that create a fictitious and contradictory history. These alternate and intersecting narratives question the reliability of how we write, present, and interpret history as well as how we conceive possible futures in present time.