Basilica Hudson – 2011

The Basilica Hudson was built in 1884 as a foundry and forge for the manufacture of steel railway wheels, is the last great 19th Century building on the Hudson waterfront. The building has been put to rest for the winter season, but we are in the incubation stages of planning special events and projects for the coming year. As the new owners of the Basilica Hudson, we are honored to pursue the mission of the Basilica’s founder and former owner, Patrick Doyle. Over the last decade the Basilica has become a gathering space for the local community. Blessed by Patti Smith herself who in 2003 gave a benefit concert for The Friends of Hudson Foundation – in protest against the development of a massive cement plant that would have occupied the city of Hudson’s beautiful waterfront.

The fight against the plant was successful and changed the fate of this unique river town forever. As the new team at Basilica Hudson, we want to continue in this spirit, offering a home to the artistic and cultural community at large, hosting diverse events ranging from political rallies to painting exhibitions, to food and film festivals, as well as remaining an extraordinary venue for independent theater and music. Basilica Hudson will also serve as a production facility for Music, Art and Film.With its striking Industrial architecture, the Basilica is also a unique location for weddings and other celebrations, framed by the iconic Hudson River School skies and the view of the Catskill Mountains.The Basilica is located on the Hudson River, in the town of Hudson, NY. With its exceptionally beautiful landscape, the Hudson Valley region is a cultural meeting point for artist, architects, farming and food enthusiasts, preservationists and antique collectors. The city of Hudson is packed with fine restaurants, B&Bs, art galleries, music venues and shops. The restored Victorian Amtrak station is located just a few hundred feet from the Basilica and the Henry Hudson waterfront park.

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